Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unicorns, I love them

Hi kittens ;3

Meet my new favorite bag from :)
The material is awesome! I love how it's the matte PVC and not those super glossy sort.
And who can resist the snake prints on the inspired Chanel logo? :)

Anyway I had dinner with baby at some random kopitiam the other day and we ordered beef steak.
It was surprisingly good and extremely filling given that it was only $12 per plate!
Trust me, it looks good but it tasted waaaaaay better!
And it turned out medium rare, as I had requested, unlike some other restaurants charging more than twice the price (whose names shall not be mentioned) which gave me WELL-DONE beef.

After dinner, we went to Courts to browse for some furniture for his room.
They seem to be having some pre-Chinese New Year sale now so go take a look if you like :)

And I randomly saw this super cute unicorn pillow there and I bought it!
In case you're wondering, it cost $18.90!
They have other designs such as Dolphins, Penguins, Bumble bees etc.

Thanks for reading, love you all :)

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Anonymous said...

hi! may i know which courts outlet did you go to? thanks! :)