Friday, January 27, 2012

Whip My Hair (Essensuals Bugis #4)

Hi kittens ;3

I went to Essensuals Bugis the other day to touch up on my roots and coincidentally Eric was there too (will blog about it soon)! :)

Essensuals Bugis
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030
tel: 63330039


You can also ASK QUESTIONS on their Formspring:
They're really nice and will answer your queries such as price range for the style of hair you want etc! :D :D

Plus you can mention you're a reader of RACHELL'S BLOG for SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on ala carte services! :) :)

If you guys don't already know, I would choose Essensuals Bugis over any other saloon any day.

Will tell you guys more about it later!

First of all, check out this gorgeous baby!!! :)
His hair right after it was done at Essensuals Bugis too, nice right! :D :D

Helped him to take some outfit of the day shots :)

After both of us got our hair done, we went to Cineleisure's Pasta Mania to have our dinner before going to shop! :)
We went to ZARA, TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, A&F, SEPHORA, H&M and several other stores
A lot of damage$$$$ done that day cause I spent a bomb on clothes for myself as well as for my boyfriend.

Aiyo all my ang bao money~~~

Ended up super super tired and I died for a few hours the moment I laid down onto my bed.


Alright, before I talk about Essensuals Bugis, here are a few interesting hairstyles I would really like to try out soon!! :)
Hope this gives you girls some inspirations on what to do to your hair too!
I'm just waiting for my hair to grow longer before I experiment more with it, it's taking forever, gaaaahhhhh~

Rainbow hair and ombre hair, super dope!!!

Looks so good even when it's tied up!!

If you noticed, most of these hairstyles I posted WILL require BLEACHING.
And I can't stress enough how damaging BLEACHING your hair is, and it's WORSE if it's not professionally done.

But the results when professionally done, super worth it! :)

And I can assure that Essensuals Bugis does bleaching properly (I wrote about it in this post) and also the awesome Japanese Spa TREATMENT after the bleaching and dyeing to keep your hair luscious, voluminous and healthy! :)

I know young girls all want to save money.. but speaking from personal experience,
I repeat DO NOT DIY (do it yourself) and buy some cheap bleach and dye or go to some cheapo hair saloon to bleach and dye your hair.

The consequences are super NOT WORTH IT.


Once upon a time.....
A girl called Rachell, 18 years old, wanted to dye her hair hot pink.
Her mindset was that you're only young once, do it now or never.

But she decided to be cheapo and went to her neighborhood saloon (not very professional) to do her hair
and they used this extremely PAINFUL bleach that hurt her scalp during the process.

She got her pink hair, yes, but not only did her scalp suffer....
HER LONG PRETTY HAIR WAS GONE TOO and her hair became really thin..
Apparently the cheap bleach burnt a huge ton of her hair and the crown of her hair became really really frizzy and short, effing gross.

To make the frizziness less obvious, she dyed it back black but it was STILL frizzy and short.
Only time could heal such a terrible damage.
As you can see in this picture my hair was extremely gross and disgusting.
I can't even believe that's me, UGH!

Regretted going to a cheap neighborhood saloon to bleach and dye my hair and dared not bleach my hair for YEARS.
Until I got to know Essensuals Bugis (Read how well they handled the bleach with my RED hair!).

The quality from Essensuals Bugis is definitely worth paying for cause I don't want any of you girls making the same mistakes as I did just to save 30 dollars and have to wait for 3 years for all that damaged hair to be trimmed off.

Read on for my hair pictures today ;)

Your hair really makes a HUUUUUGE difference to your outlook!
Especially the quality of your hair!!
Just compare the picture above and below!
The one above looks like I got electrocuted T~T

And here is my hair today, bleached professionally, dyed professionally and pampered with treatments by Essensuals Bugis :)

Their Japanese Spa Treatment is super good and the effect stays on for quite some time and I will recommend girls to go for regularly! :)
Try it once and you'll see the difference!
It maintains the condition of your hair to keep it healthy, soft and shiny, cause we kind of torture our hair everyday (hair spray, curling iron, straightener, hair dryer etc)!

Woooo soft, shiny BLEACHED hair! :p
I'm never turning back to those disgustingly damaged by cheap bleach frizzy hair days ever again!

"I whip my hair back and forth"

Oh and you thought that's the end? ;)


Essensuals Bugis is currently having a Post-Chinese New Year Promo for the Japanese Spa Treatment!
Say YES to soft, healthy hair!

Give them a call at
to book an appointment!
You can mention you're a reader of RACHELL'S BLOG for SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on ala carte services! :) :)

Or you could ask them questions (regarding the Japanese Spa treatment/ rainbow hair / ombre hair or hair cut prices etc, don't be shy!) on their formspring before booking an appointment:

Essensuals Bugis
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030
tel: 63330039


If you're interested to read all my reviews on Essensuals Bugis, please click on:

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

Did your bf went to serangoon central drive to play football today morning? (Saturday 28/01) I think I saw him or maybe that was someone else. Not too sure...

Rachel said...

You'd look awesome with the rainbow hair :>

Anonymous said...

babe what lenses are you wearing in the 'whip my hair' pictures? they're damn natural looking!