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This post will be extremely relevant to all the blogshop owners and also all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there! :)

Always wanted to be involved in fashion, trendsetting and eventually manufacturing and selling your own labels?
Here's the first step you can take!

Today, I'll be posting about YourOwnCart
( and their new MIYOC Retail Outlet!

Some background:
YourOwnCart is a FREE e-commerce solution provider.
Some famous local online boutiques that are using their services are such as Ohsofickle, Shoponblog, FabricDevour etc!

Quoted from
Yourowncart is the most user friendly ecommerce solution you need to start selling online..

When comes to starting an online business, the biggest setbacks faced by new sellers is the difficulty in setting up the store. At Yourowncart, we had simplified all the painstaking processes to its minimal. Just finish up few crucial settings and you are ready to getting your first order.

Our solution comes with everything you’ll need when running your business.

About MIYOC Retail Outlet:
As the next phase of expansion to help the e-commerce scene in Singapore, they are starting a retail outlet in Orchard Central on February 13th 2012.

The concept of the shop is to provide their blogshops merchants a physical retail floor to showcase and sell their brand and products to a bigger audience.
Besides that, they are also providing a whole range of value added services that would connect online blogshops and retail shopping together, bringing the idea of "shopping" to a new level!

Example of services that would be available:

-Parcel Collection
Tenants can deposit their customers' orders at the store, and they can collect it any time at their convenience.

-Product Display

They will be providing rack space to their tenants. Each space can display up to 20-25 pieces of apparel. Bags, accessories and cosmetics will be allocated with shelf/table space.

-Realtime Sales & Inventory

Their POS system will be interlinked with their e-commerce platform, Yourowncart. As a seller, you will be able to retrieve sales report of your products, and check the inventory of the stocks available at the store. Tenants are not require to have any store hosted using their system and all admin functions are FREE OF CHARGE.

-Inventory Enquiry by Customers

They will have a common shopping-site for their shop where you can feature your store products and promotions. Customers will be able to check if items they wanted is available at the store before coming to the outlet.

Flow chart of how it works:

Pretty impressive isn't it!
I believe the chart is self-explanatory so I won't elaborate on it :)

My opinion:

I think that the BEST part of this entire concept would be the self-collection of parcels at Orchard!
Cause it's super convenient for you to collect your items WHILE you're out shopping at town,
unlike having to meet at Bukit Batok because the blogshop owner stays there while you stay at Pasir Ris.

Plus it'll be super safe because no loss of parcels will occur, unlike during mailing. And you know that awful feeling when your parcel arrives at your doorstep DAMAGED
or if it doesn't even arrive at all and nobody can be blamed except yourself for not opting for registered postage?
This is why the new MIYOC Retail Outlet would solve our problems as shoppers with their self collection at such a convenient location!

Also, personally I think it's really annoying whenever I go to the physical store of an online boutique and their online items are DIFFERENT from those at their physical store! Then I'll have to wait for postage as well as head down to the store if I want the best of both worlds :(
But with the MIYOC Retail Outlet, I could order my items online, collect it at the outlet and shop at the outlet at the same time! DOUBLE SCORE!

For buyers like me, it's convenience! For sellers, that's increased sales and profit :)

Rates for MIYOC Retail Outlet rental:
The promotional rental rate is $200 per month & 15% commission for items sold in the outlet. Minimum lease term is 6 months.
Apart from apparels, they also welcome tenants selling bags, shoes & accessories and shelving space will be allocated.

What's your next step?
This is a shout out to all online boutique owners!!
Especially those with more established brand names, do hurry if you're keen!
They only have about 5 slots left for apparel so do confirm your space before it's gone! :)
Few confirmed brands at Miyoc retail outlet: Ministry of retail, Shopskinned, Wonderstellar, Lovelyspree, Staticfumes, Bangshotudown

(By the way, if you ask me, this is so much more worth it because having a flea market booth to display your items EVERY WEEKEND would cost MORE than $200 a month.
And with the retail outlet you don't have to sell at dirt cheap prices!)

If you're interested in renting a space at the MIYOC Retail Outlet, please fill up this simple form:

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Thanks for reading, love you all!

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