Monday, January 30, 2012


Hi kittens ;3

Went to the zoo the other day!
Again, I won't be posting much pictures of the animals cause I want you guys to go there and take a look for yourselves!! :)

Enjoy the pictures!

Outfit of the day:

Cream Crochet top from: (super love! Has inner lining so it's not sheer)
Brown High Waist shorts
Multi-layered cross necklace
H&M baseball jacket

Outfit + White platform shoes

Somehow when we went to the zoo that day, it seemed to be mating season for several of the animals cause a lot of them were mating in front of our eyes.... :x

What would blogging look like many years ago...

Super adorable bunnies!

This tug boat thing was fun!

Manatees rolling in the deeeeeeep~
It was so hilarious when the kids looking didn't know what was going on and thought the manatees were just "hugging" but all the adults were sniggering and looking at them make love, tsk!

Favourite part of the zoo! The elephants of Asia show! :)

I bought this pair of slippers at the gift shop cause the bird prints on it reminded me of Twitter and I thought it was cute! LOL

Getting all excited to ride on an Elephant! :D

Couldn't camwhore properly cause the elephant was moving and I had to hold onto the bars :P

Now I know why kings like to sit on elephants!
You really feel like you have this super huge guardian protecting you and you feel really "up there"! :O

Baby driving the land rover~

And then it was my turn :)

Just kidding, we were just posing but it was cool being in one!
Felt like Steve Irwin or someone from Nat Geo, I like it! :)

Martin the snake whisperer~

Saw a pretty bride having her wedding shoot done at the zoo on our way out! :)

Thanks for reading, love you all! :)


Steffany said...

Like ur picture effect babe,
which camera are u using at th moment? hmm

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you share where Martn bought his contacts or the brand? it's nice! :)

sgrmse. said...

ehh, looked like crazy amounts of fun! now i totally wanna go to the zoo, too. (but none of my friends wanna come with. sucks D:)

by the way, i think your hair colour rocks! :D :D

Anonymous said...

I think you look super cute with bangs! :)