Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bright-Eyed Wonder

Here's a short and simple tutorial for a more mild but eye-catching look :)
I did this tutorial before my double eyelid surgery btw!

First step, the usual foundation, compact powder and contouring.

Next, apply a Matte dark brown eyeshadow all over your lids.

I already have eyelash extensions here so you may choose to apply mascara or false eyelashes later on.

Next, apply a Shimmery Gold/ Bronze eyeshadow under your eyelids to create that doe-eyes effect

Then, use a small eyeshadow brush, line your lower lash line with the same Matte Dark Brown eyeshadow.
Be sure not to cover out all the Shimmery gold/ bronze eyeshadow you applied in the previous step.

This is to create a more 3 dimensional look for your eyes.

Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner

Lastly, apply fake lower lashes :)

I am using Dolly Wink's No. 5

Fill up your brows, apply your usual blusher and lip gloss and you're done! :)

The result

I know this post is quite short but I still hope it was helpful!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Hi babe I'm just wondering when you use your double eyelid tape, how do you get it to stick onto your lids so well? Cause when I use it, and apply shadow it usually dont stick that well/or at all. :( so yeah hoping you could give a lil advice on that!

Anonymous said...

What contacts are you using? >_< Thanks!

Anonymous said...

could you make a tutorial on how you do the bun?? (: thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hello pretty! do u mind sharing where to get fringe clip-on extensions? :(