Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Explored Jurong Point yet again, but with my mum along this time :)
Unlike the video we made about Typical Singaporean Parents (or Mothers), my mum's real chill and supportive. She's more like a super best friend to me!

I was wearing this super eye catching Red-White knitted striped top from AshInCans.
Their items sell out real quick so please remember to join their mailing list for the latest updates!

AshInCans: Gorgeous designs, comfortable materials, reliable services and reasonably priced items :)

Wondered around JP and found this pretty shop, didn't manage to snap much pictures before I was stopped by the staff again.
I really don't get what's the deal with shops preventing people from taking pictures of their shop layout. Personally if someone likes how my shop looks I would be more than happy!

To our surprise, we found this "street" full of Japanese restaurants at the basement.
Previously when I was there by myself I didn't even explore that level so I was really excited!
It looked so much like the streets in Osaka with all the decorations and lanterns and 3D giant sushis!

Martin later joined us for a quick dinner cause it was his night's out from camp.

Tough choice between all the restaurants available but most of them were packed
In the end we settled for Kushin Bo cause it had the fastest queue :)
$39.90++ per person for sushi buffet, it's alright considering the awesome quality of their food and the wide range of stuff to choose from!

Every customer there took overflowing plates of crabs, baked lobsters, scallops, salmon belly and what not!
I mean how could you resist? b:

Chocolate fondue!
I actually have a really strong urge to drink from it but obviously I couldn't haha!

Great food and awesome company,
I couldn't ask for more :)

Thanks for reading, hope the remaining of the week goes well for all of you!


CrystallyzeD said...

This post made me crave chocolate and sushi so bad! lol I really love that white/red sweater!

Anonymous said...

ya, i agree with u, what's the big deal taking photos in shops.
and it's free advertising for them!
nairmind take secretly without flash..

Anonymous said...

what camera are you using here?