Saturday, February 25, 2012

CuteLittleStrawberries #1

Can you believe the accessories at CuteLittleStrawberries
Are only at $4 each?

Just like you, I'm super spoilt for choice when I see all these gorgeous accessories laid out in front of me.

But I'm going to share are some habits I have when picking accessories to make your choices easier :)

First of all, look for your favorite symbols!
For me, it's crosses. Definitely crosses :)
Anything with a cross on it probably catches my eye and these are my favorite two picked from CuteLittleStrawberries!

This is the exact same cutting as the one I got from F21 and this is cheaper and more vintage looking! Absolute love!

Also, I'm attracted to Chanel Inspired logos (probably because I can't afford the real deal... someday..... *daydreams*)
And this pair of earrings are definitely my top pick!
Now you can look glam without burning a hole in your pocket ;)

Another thing I look for in accessories will be animal prints (leopard spots especially)
And I would think having the Union flag on my fingers looks real neat too!

So the easiest way to not get overwhelmed by the excitingly huuuuge range of accessories at CuteLittleStrawberries
will be to specially look out for all your favorite prints or symbols!
That will make ordering the prettiest items a lot easier!
Happy shopping, love you all!

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