Thursday, February 9, 2012


A cake is pretty by itself, but not entirely complete without the cherry on top.
And accessories are like the bright ruby-red cherries on top of our outfits, differentiating you from the usual crowd!

EpicFas is currently having a promotion which is FREE normal postage for purchase of any 3 accessories or other items :)
All of the items are INSTOCKS!
Trust me when I say that they're cheap cause you can hardly find a comparable price elsewhere!

Oversized shades
I'm such a fan of them! They come so much in handy on days when I just really don't wish to apply any make up but still want to look stylish.

Tons of other accessories available at their page.
Apart from the usual edgy spiky studded accessories that I usually put on, I've come to appreciate these sparkly babies so much more :)
Mainly because they show up so well in pictures (like the one below) and make you look more feminine! :p

And I really can't believe the highly popular mustache necklace is only at $4 at EpicFas!
Sworn I've seen them go at $16 before, gosh.

And these are only a tiny fraction of their entire collection of instocks at EpicFas.
So check their site out now!

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Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

HI, where did you bought that necklace ?.(The last picture that you took)


J reader said...

I think you look prettier with lighter makeup! :)