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The Greenwich V Experience

If you guys followed my Twitter, you would have seen me hash tagging #greenwichv and go on about needing a green top and eventually buying one? :p

That's cause 15 bloggers, including myself, took part in the The Greenwich V Experience!
It's like an amazing race with lots of good food, chance to meet awesome people, and of course, prizes!! :D

We were split up into groups of 5. There were 3 teams: Urban, Lifestyle and Village.
Mine was Village team so we were told to dress in green! :D

Venue? Greenwich V of course!

Greenwich V
1 Seletar Road, Singapore 807011
There are also shuttle bus services available so do check it out at their website:

And I was surprisingly early that day!
I was one of the first participants to arrive haha!
It happens only once in a blue moon cause I usually am always the latest :x
So being extremely early, I had the luxury of time to take pictures of the place first!


And then I sat at Toastbox and waited for time to pass! :)

The meeting point was at Empire State!

Urban Team (in Black)
Hahah I was actually complaining before the event that 90% of the clothes I own are black and I didn't own anything Green at all.. but after that day, I love my green team! :)

Meet Claire :) She's one of my team mates and she's super nice!
Will introduce all of them to you guys later on :)

Lifestyle team (in Red) in the background
They brought their kids along for the race and they were all so adorable!!!

Nigel and Ai, also my teammates! ^~^

First group photo of the day!
We were all assigned roles for this competition by the way, to make sure we're on track :)

Clockwise direction from the back:

She wore her hello kitty specs that day, so cute! She's a mother already! We all couldn't even believe it when she showed us her daughter's picture! Like how does she maintain :O

Nigel (Caption Writer)
Youngest in our team. He's 6 whole years younger than me/us! Hahaha we all felt super old!! He's from SAJC :)

William (Caption Writer)
I met him at the Superstar Virgo event previously if you guys remembered :) He's really nice and I got to talk to him more from this event!

Me! (Photographer)
Okay you guys probably won't want me to introduce myself :p Next!
Super pretty girl! I found out she's Eurasian during the event! Wahhh! She's super nice and funny and she wore a "tweeter" shirt, but too bad I didn't take a picture of it else can show you guys :p

And not forgetting our game master, Alvin, who accompanied us throughout the entire competition!
Check out his blog at:
He helped us take a lot of pictures and also I'd like to thank him for giving me the permission to take some of the pictures from his blog for my blog post ^~^
Thanks Alvin!

Rules of the game:

Using the clues given to us, we were supposed to identify the shop, complete the task (most involves eating the food), take pictures and at the end of the day submit 1 BEST picture that BEST REPRESENTS the products or services offered at each shop along with a witty caption!
So we needed to submit a total of 11 BEST photos!

And for each wrong guess of the shop's name, one person in the team would have to do either 10 jumping jacks or push-ups or squats!
Hahaha we all did the punishment in the most awkward of places, like in a restaurant, while walking, directly outside a shop and all, LOL!


And before the event officially kickstarted, we needed to finish up some of the biggest proportions of food we've ever seen, courtesy of Empire State!

What do you do before eating such a gigantic burger?
Take pictures of yourselves with it!!!!

We drew a sign for our team! :D

Our chosen picture for Empire State!

One burger to rule them all!

Hahaha and of course, unglam pictures of me eating the entire day (more to come), credit to Alvin :p
Sometimes, you just gotta be unglam for food that is THIS good!!!

Another sign for our team!

Ai getting all excited!!! :p
Spot Claire at the back!

Hello superstar ^~^

And here we gooooo!

Our first clue!


And walking quickly (cause we weren't allowed to run)~

We were suppose to focus on their instant food for this task, and EAT THEM!
Right after the burgers and pasta and pizza...
Hahaha so we were stuffing our mouths with them lol!

Our chosen picture for 7-Eleven!

Packed and ready to whack!

And then the clue we got next was "Wonder Girls endorsed for us before"
And we were STUMPED! :O
We kept guessing all the shops that sounded Korean and then we got so many wrong answers we were doing jumping jacks hahaha!

And in the end, the answer was BBQ Chicken!
Did you guys know it was Korean? Cause our team didn't! :x

And then more good food were served to us~~~
Our task was to eat them before we could move on to the next station!

Yummy drumsticks but it was super spicy!
But I'm craving for it now hahaha I shall go back there soon b:

We decided to pose like Wonder Girls outside their shop since they endorsed for it before.
And check out the drumsticks on my hand!
Like burning hot cause it just got served to us, and I was jumping all around like "amagaddd hothothot" while we were getting ready with the poses to take the pictures, LOL!

I think it was super sporting of the guys to pose with us as well heheh!

Our chosen picture!

As hot as the Wonder Girls!

Although we were super full by the time we ate everything, THIS LAVA CAKE THEY SERVED WAS SOOO GOOD!

Our next stop, Fuyogi Hut! :)

Our task was to ask them about their products and to take a picture!

Their store mainly sells organic products and lots of other products that are beneficial to health.

Particularly their vinegar!
You're supposed to pour 1:10 vinegar to plain water proportion and drink it after dinner.
It serves as detox and is good for your health! :)

So we chose this picture, with the caption as:

Translation: There are benefits of eating vinegar (meaning being jealous in Chinese)

I'm going to post this picture cause I think my hair looks nice here hahahah

The race is still on!

Next stop, Jan & Elly English Language School!

Our task was to try out a short phonics lesson by one of their teachers!

He made us spin the rainbow wheel and made us pronounce the words written on it and if we knew how to differentiate which was in British spelling and which was in American spelling,
i.e. "airplane" and "aeroplane"

It was quite a wake up call to most of us cause we honestly didn't know! Hahah!
They gave us a voucher for a one time complimentary lesson at their school! I guess we totally need it! :P

Chosen picture!

Colour your world with good English

Moving on, KOPI Seletar!

Thankfully it's our famous local dessert, Ice Kachang, cause it was super warm outside!!

We wanted to emphasize on the wide variety of food available at KOPI Seletar and so our team took some utensils and were looking really hungry for the pictures! :D

Initially, we wanted to make use of this glass panel with KOPI Seletar printed onto it for our best shot.
But the reflection kind of made it hard to see their faces even after several tries~

But it was so super funny trying to communicate with them when they're inside and I was trying to tell them to move here and there BUT THEY COULDN'T HEAR ME cause of the glass.... hahahah!!!

So finally we gave in and took a shot indoors cause we were running short of time~

Be spoilt for choice

Next, Phoenix Medical Group!

Our task was to have a team member try out their best seller, facial wash!
Immediately we asked William to do it because the girls all had make up on :p
And plus he mentioned that his face felt oily and sticky from all that running around..

Who said a guy can't dream...... :p

LOL this scene was hilarious because we all looked like we were visiting him at the hospital or something
And William said that he felt shy cause so many pairs of eyes were on him (including camera crew, staff, staff from Phoenix Medical Group)

Express facial session!

Look at his kimochi face LOL!

Phoenix Medical Group basically does services like botox, aesthetics care etc!
And they said it's good to start young!
Maybe I'll go drop by someday and get my face checked too! :)

From the look of his happy face you can probably guess how good their facial wash is :)

You know how they always say Phoenix rising from the ashes?
Since they're called Phoenix Medical Group, we decided to work on that for our caption:

Rise above the dirt, sweat and ashes

Now let's move on to some guilt-free indulgence! :)

These 100% fat-free signs are indeed assuring after worrying about all the calories we might have put on earlier on :p

Sucking in our tummy to show how their yogurt doesn't make you fat! :p
All the goodness without the fat.

Another picture which we considered using... but we decided having the boys in it looked more entertaining :p hahaha!!!

Us deciding on which picture to use~

Wah are you tired from this long post yet? Please say you're not,
Imagine us being the ones running around! :p

And then we have Nuts & nibble!

We were greeted by a wide variety of nuts in every single flavor you can think of!

Here are some really interesting ones:
Abalone Macadamia and Cheese Macadamia!

Quirky huh! :)

We decided to pose as squirrels/hamsters for Nuts & nibble with their pretty bags of nuts! :)

Nuts for the hamsters at heart.


You are 2 shops away from the end!
Hang in there! :)

Here comes Paradise Inn!

Their food was really good but it was a pity we couldn't finish it all cause we were super full by this time!

And since it was a Chinese themed restaurant, we decided to get the boys to pretend to be fighting for the "secret manual", their restaurant's menu!

At this point, we were like, "Nigel, steal the menu! Don't smile you look too kind" ahahaha


Lol good job!! We chose this picture!

When it comes to good food, some things are worth fighting for.

Our group shot at the restaurant :)
And we were joking around about how nice it'd look if we had flames and all that cool effects behind us.....

I love the Village team!!! ^~^

And halfway to our last stop we got distracted by these 2 people on stilts and we wanted a picture with them! :D

And to make up for our lack of height, we all JUMPED!!!!


And finally, Toastbox!

Wahseh, yummy curry chicken with rice, plus thick toast!
Mmmmmm :)
All the good old stuff are the best!

We feel that even with modernization, we all still need to cherish our culture, our history and our foooood :)

So for Toastbox's picture, we captioned it as:
Never lose your heritage.

And that marks the end of the pitstops and we all assembled at Empire State for the uploading of pictures for judging!

While waiting for our turn, group shots~~

And if you notice our awkwardly positioned thumbs up sign, it was because in our "Village Team Likes This" sign above, I drew it like this!
You know how the thumbs up sign on Facebook doesn't show your fingers? But while drawing it, I did a thumbs up sign facing myself as reference, and I saw my fingers and I drew it..... #fail
HAHAHA so we stuck with this awkward thumbs up sign throughout :p

Uploading and choosing our best pictures seriously.... stressssss

It was so super fun seeing the fruits of our labour :D

After the judges have decided,

the moment we've all been waiting for....
The emcee announcing the results......

Coming in third, we have the Urban team~
(our team was secretly thinking "that makes us second or first!" :x)

And in second place, the Lifestyle team!
(at this point we cheered and clapped!!! also because that means.......)

Doing our favorite pose of the day, the Wonder Girls! :p

And that was the end of a superrrr loooong day!
But it was EXTREMELY crazily fun because I met Ai, Claire, Willaim and Nigel who were super spontaneous and enthusiastic people!
The emcee also commended our good attitude in being so zealous about the tasks and all! :D
The prize was a $300 voucher to Greenwich V, split among the 5 of us which meant $60 each! :)
And we're planning to meet up soon at Greenwich V again to spend our vouchers, hehe!

Soooo proud of the Village team!

I would sincerely like to thank Greenwich V and for giving us this opportunity for organizing The Greenwich V Experience! :)
I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to more events in future!

Thank you all for reading!
Love you all!


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hello Village team :)
Visiting from Red Team, your poses all look super cute haha. Congrats.

Phoenix Medical Group said...

Thanks for dropping by!!!

And congrats on the win!! =)