Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gushcloud Conference

Went for Gushcloud's conference today!
In case you don't already know what Gushcloud is, it is a website that rewards individual users (earn some extra cash while you're online!) for tweeting or sharing about brands, products and services!
I actually blogged about Gushcloud previously, so do click here to read about it:

And Gushcloud doesn't just stop here.
During the conference we were briefed about Gushcloud's plans and I'm excited to know that Gushcloud is constantly growing and improving, and it will soon expand internationally!
That means more brand names, more consumers, more advertising opportunities, a larger network base and most importantly, more chances for online users like us to earn some cash! :)
So if you haven't already joined it, be a part of it now!

Tons of yummy-looking treats! :)

Ms Althea Lim, CMO and Co-Founder of Gushcloud, welcoming us and introducing to us the next two speakers

Welcome address by Mr Reginald Wee, Group Director, IE Singapore

Introduction to Gushcloud by Mr. Vincent Ha, Gushcloud CEO & Co-Founder

I was there with Collette and Mae! :)
Both of them are so gorgeous!

There were also tons of other partners of Gushcloud, corporate representatives and media representatives present and everyone was so friendly!

And check out how tall Mae is!
I swear she's a born model, and she's only 17 this year! #ifeelold

The top I was wearing is from :)
Officially one of my favorite shirts ever!
I absolutely love the sewn on details on the meshed shoulders cause it stands out so well, especially in pictures!

That's all for today :)
Remember to check out Gushcloud or read my previous post about it ( and earn yourself some cash while surfing the net!

Love you all!


Sherrie Pui said...

I joined and earned too!

Alina Anghel said...

you girls look so stylish! great photos.xx

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where is this starbucks? o_O

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hey babe. where is this starbucks place? awesome

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hello, where is this starbucks at?

Angelia said...

Good evening, may i know where is this starbucks located at???

Thank you!

Angelia said...

hi, where is this starbucks located at??

thank you.