Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines' Day

Happy Valentines' Day sweetheartssssss! ♥

I made a ferrero rocher rose for Peishi :)

Went out with Peishi, Noah and Nick today!
We were suppose to help Noah film his new video for Valentines' Day :)

And we ate at Billy Bomber's cause I had a $20 voucher!! ^~^

ahahahahah sorry bb, not every boy and girl who takes pictures together are together~
Got mustache means your father ahhhh?

Not going to comment on this....
My mum actually asked me why Noah always pose like that for the camera when she saw the pictures in my camera lol


Awwww, happy valentines' day babiesss!!! :)

And.... Noah's new Valentines' Day video everyone was waiting for......~

Thanks for reading!
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rachell,

I am an avid reader of your blog! But i'm really unhappy that you and Nichology are together now. Is it a publicity stun or a scandal since Martin is in national service? Please reply and clarify, i'm sure your readers will want to know.

Anonymous said...

Are you really with Nichology?

kitty said...

Hi sweetheart,

Thank you for reading my blog <3 ^~^

First of all, I love Martin to death and I would not do anything to hurt him.

Second of all, I am NOT together with Nichology and will never be.

Thirdly, we "hugged" cause of Noah's Valentines' Day video. In that video, so many girls held Noah's hands and hugged Noah but no one said anything about Noah?

Fourthly, Nichology ALSO hugged Peishi at Billy Bomber's.
And if you know me well enough, I am an extremely possessive and jealous person. IF Nichology was my boyfriend, I would never have let him touch Peishi at all even though she's my close friend :) I would NEVER let Martin hug Peishi, lol!

Lastly, there are probably some things that are better left unsaid so maybe you guys shouldn't assume so much :)

Happy Valentines' Day! ^~^

Anonymous said...

you spent valentine's day with nic? is he your boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

Are you with Nicholas over money or fame?

kitty said...

I didn't spend Valentines' Day with Martin because he's having confinement. In fact, we do not find the need to celebrate Valentines' Day.

As to why Noah, Nichology, Peishi and I were together on vday EVE, was because Noah asked us to help him film his video.

My date for Valentines' day is my bed cause Martin is in army!

Anonymous said...

If you read Jessica's (, she mentioned Nichology has a partner, is is true he is gay? How did you turn him straight??

Anonymous said...

Hey babe where did you get your raglan shirt? :) nice colours!!!!!