Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here's a picture of me BEFORE my double eyelid surgery since I have no pictures of my face yet :(

Anyway, I found a perfect new "formal" top and it's from InTheHighways!

I love how it accentuates the figure and gives the illusion of a small waist!
Plus, the material's really light and comfortable, double score!

Plus, it looks quite like those Korean Ulzzang fashion, no? :)

Apart from visiting their website,
InTheHighways is also having a Facebook "Like" and "Share" giveaway!
More details on how to win on their Facebook album:

Take a chance and you could walk away with some of these gorgeous pieces from their page!

So far, I think they have one of the best cuttings for leather high waist shorts among many other blogshops I've seen! :)

All these and more, only at InTheHighways!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell! Could you please post a picture of your eyes before surgery without makeup? (Without double eyelid sticker and all). Thankyou!!

I'm considering surgery too and I'm a true blue monolid :( Ahhh I admire your courage for surgery 'cus it looks rly painful!! Hope the swelling has subsided! ;)

Love, X.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Any reasons why you chose stitching over cutting? Because I heard stitching can't last long and the amt you paid for stitching is similar to the cost for cutting and it is supposed to last much longer.
Hope you can reply or share in the long post. Recover well :)