Monday, February 13, 2012

MIYOC Retail Outlet

Remember when I posted about YourOwnCart's new MIYOC Outlet at Orchard Central? :)

They had their official launch last Saturday and I went down to join in the excitement!!

MIYOC Retail Outlet
Orchard Central, #05-12
Above Fruit Paradise

At level 5, once you see Fruit Paradise (a really yummy tart shop!!!), walk up the super short flight of stairs and there it is, MIYOC Retail Outlet :)

Wah! So many well-known online brands and gorgeous clothes!!
Sooo friggin awesome that they have a physical store now! :) :)
No more waiting for mails~~
Or, you can collect your mails from their shop too!
More details later on :)

They sell some really cheap M.A.C products too! :)
Got studio fix foundation and eyeshadow, awesome! Next time I know where to get my studio fix already, haha!

Some brands they have that caught my eye, BangShotUDown!

And of course, AshInCans :)

When I went there, there were lots of knitted stuff, GLITTER SHORTS, leopard print shorts, high waist shorts, crop tops and many more and I got soooo excited! :)
So if you want to drop by for a good shopping experience, visit MIYOC Retail Outlet at Orchard Central :)
Plus, personally I think it's a better place to shop than Far East Plaza cause it's less crowded. That means you'll get more privacy while shopping! :D

They also have this system in place whereby you can collect your parcels purchased from the online webs at the MIYOC store!
All you have to do is to key in your email and they will pass you your paid items :)
No fear of lost mails anymore!

And if you're the kind who prefer shopping at a physical store, this is your perfect chance! :)

MIYOC Retail Outlet
Orchard Central, #05-12
Above Fruit Paradise

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Babe, all the best for your surgery! I think you look pretty already lor, hope this surgery will b awesome and give you more confidence!! Jiayou don't b scared okay! <3