Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Natural Beauty, my ass

I think most of us would at some point in our lives suffered criticisms like:

"Oh you're so fake hiding behind those thick layers of make up"
"You must look really ugly without make up"
"Contact lens, fake lashes, thick make up, photoshop.. how fake can you get"

And the all time classic,

"Natural beauty is the best"

My ass.


Every one is vain and every one wants to look good.
And sorry little miss PERFECT, not everyone can step out of the house looking as drop dead gorgeous as you do without make up. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, to all naysayers, you want to be au naturel right?
Do the following steps:
Don't shave your armpits
Don't pluck your eyebrows
Don't put on clothes or even underwear
Don't dye your hair
Don't cut your hair unless you're using your teeth to bite it off
Don't even bathe with shampoo or body foam, just jump into the Singapore river and wash yourself there
Don't brush your teeth
Don't comb your hair unless it's with a fishbone
File your nails with some sharp rock, don't use a nail clipper
Kill yourself and be reborn and tell the doctor to not inject the vaccination into your ass cause the very moment that shot of "man-made immunity" shit goes into your body, you're not au naturel anymore.

Natural beauty, pfft.

Having said that, I don't think there's anything wrong with make up, photoshop or even plastic surgery.
The only concern with plastic surgery is probably just the risks of the surgery going wrong, just like how people are afraid make up will clog your pores and spoil your skin etc.

But it's funny how some people are alright with make up, but the moment a girl goes for plastic surgery, she's "plastic" and completely fake.
Um, excuse me, plastic surgery is just like make up but more permanent so who are you to judge others as "fake" if you yourself apply make up?
Think about it, having a boob job is as "fake" as wearing push up bras or even bras
Having an eyelid surgery is as "fake" as pasting double eyelid stickers
Getting a nose job is as "fake" as contouring your nose with a bronzer
you get my drift.

Every one is vain and every one wants to look good.
If make up, cosmetic surgery or photoshop can help boost someone's confidence, make them feel pretty and make them happier, I don't see why not.
It's your own life and you should make your own choices, not others. (Just make sure that you are responsible enough to bear any potential consequences)

Just like guys, they spray a heck load of fucking choking cologne, wear branded jeans and shit, enlarge their ear holes, leave their hair really long, work out at the gym, get inked etc, but no one says they're fake
but guys in turn say that girls are deceptive for applying make up etc?!
How is that fair?

But do you know why we all try to dress up and look good?
Cause we all want to be loved and admired.
Who likes being ignored, called ugly all the time, getting hurt and being rejected over and over again? (unless you're masochistic then that's a different story)

Ask yourself fucking honestly, if you saw these people on the streets, who would you treat more politely/ better? The "before" or "after"?

Precisely my point.

If a pretty girl accidentally bumps into you, you might smile at her and say "it's okay".
But when a bigger sized girl who's not as pretty bumps into you, you'd most likely "TSK" at her, glare at her and then rant on twitter about how much you hate ugly girls?

This is how society works sweetheart.
Better looking people have better lives, which is why we're all trying to better ourselves.
You can preach "don't judge a book by its cover" to others,
but ask yourself, if you saw a good looking girl/guy for the first time, which "book" will you be interested to find out more about first? :)

And anyway, just to clear up, there is nothing "natural" about natural looking make up.
It's still the same foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip gloss etc.
It's called natural LOOKING make up for a reason.
I would equate it to those push up bras that are of better cutting and hence "natural looking" cause it makes the enhanced boobs look real when it actually isn't.

In this sense, everyone is fake in some way or another
so stop giving people a hard time calling them "fake" just because we wish we look better and we're doing something about it!

More love, less hate!

Here's a quote that I personally live by for you guys to ponder upon:
I'd rather be fake and presentable than natural and downright fugly.


Anyway, I know I might probably get some kind of negative comments for saying this on my blog but I will say it nevertheless.
I've mentioned before that I want to go for eyelid surgery (because my small eyes have been affecting my self-esteem since yearsssss back), so I've actually finally contacted a doctor to book a consultation session to ask him about the surgery costs, down time, risks etc! :)
I might be going to a few doctors just to compare and see which one I'm more comfortable with.
I will update you guys at this space about my progress for those girls who are interested as well.

Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

PREEAAACH! Well-written, I feel you. This post definitely speaks for the "ugly girls" out there.

We all just wanna look pretty and feel good about ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Your post is so straight to the point & direct, like asking haters to stfu:D

Good luck with the planning of the surgery. ALL THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

people who judge others for making decisions that don't affect them clearly have issues beyond their face to deal with. i defs agree on that.

but i do think the problem is more with over reliance on make up? don't get me wrong, i like my make up just as much as the next girl. who wouldn't want to tweak things a bit to feel good? it's the same reason we like to dress up and all that. i just feel that we shouldn't feel crippled or take a huge hit on the self-worth meter if we haven't got stuff on our faces. a little insecurity's all well and good, but too much can be a worry, no?

no judgement here though! just tossing up a few ideas. i really just mean it as food for thought. good luck on the surgery!

Anonymous said...

yeah man! "in your face"! love this post. please share about the eyelid surgery thing coz i'm considering it too!

Anonymous said...

awesome post :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. I always had one monolid and one double eyelid so I always looked O.o and it really affected me. But when I got eyelash extensions, I finally had more even looking eyes and everyone said I looked much better except for this one girl who said I looked fake. But the thing is, SHE GETS HAIR EXTENSIONS. It's like people who keep calling others "fake" and shit don't seem to want the "fakes" to look better than them.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Short, sweet and direct post! Totally agree with you that if anyone who want "natural" beauty shouldnt shave the armpit! Hahaha.
There's always girls who call others fake when they're actually one of the hardcore fake too! Lol. Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,
Good post! Really well written :) btw, I had my double eyelid surgery @ 16 years old heheheh & it rly made me feel better! I feel so much free-er from all the double eyelid glue & tap! Don't be scared to be judged ok :) in fact A lot of my friends had their eyes done too! Would love to see your progress! Btw, I opted for sewing & many of friends who did laser thought that sewing is much more natural looking. So you can try considering sewing hahaha :)

Loves! <3

Anonymous said...

do you know this person's name?

AhTeh said...

I wanna print this out and distribute this to le natural bitches out there. <3

Chalita☮♔✝ said...

This is a very short post but all the facts are there! =D No one wants to look sloppy and this is all to upgrade oneself.
Thanks for this post, it's inspiring and I read it about 5 times TROLOLOL

Many, almost all of my friends follow the trend to think that photoshop, makeup and plastic surgery is "fake". It's nice to know there are still many people out there who can tell the world that it's upgrading of yourself and looking presentable as well as boost your confidence!

K'bye! Have a nice day :)