Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Plastic Eyes] FAQ #1

Disclaimer 1: This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for the surgery by myself and will post an honest review of the doctor, the clinic and the surgery solely for the benefit of those girls who commented/ emailed me asking for more details. All these will be my own personal inputs.

Disclaimer 2: If you're expecting a barbie doll to come out of my double eyelid surgery, I'm so sorry I'm going to have to disappoint you!
I think I look more or less the same as I did before, except with double eyelids.
The effect of the surgery is actually just like putting on double eyelid tapes as I used to do!
Except now I won't have to put the tapes so it saves me timeeee!!! :) Love it!

If you want to look at my eyes now, I have a video of it in the previous post! :)


1. Where did I get the double eyelid surgery done?

I did double eyelid surgery via stitching method.

Novena Medical Center
10 Sinaran Drive #11-33
Singapore 307506
phone: (65) 6397 6618
fax: (65) 6397 7076
mobile: (65) 9770 0869

2. How did I decide which doctor is trustworthy?

Read a TON of forums (directed from Google search)
Checked out their recommended doctors, especially those people who mention "I did my surgery with Dr XXYYZZ"

Email a few doctors and book appointment for consultation

Some other popular names I've heard of / went for consultation with:

Dr Jonathan Lee

Dr Collin Tham

Dr Wong S. Y. (Gleneagles)

For me, I found Dr Andrew Tay through Google Ads that appear when I searched for "Plastic Surgeon Surgery Singapore"

3. What did I ask the surgeon during consultation?

**by the way, you need to pay for consultation as well. depending on the doctor and the length of the consultation, the fee should be between $5o to $100

I asked about if there would be any scars
I asked if parallel eyelids were achievable (actually I didn't mind tapered double eyelids as long as I had double eyelids, so I guess I got lucky!)
The doctor also used a tool on my eyelids to show me how the eyelids would look like
I asked about the cost$$$ (About $2 to $3k, if I'm not wrong this is the local average market rate)
I asked about recovery time, for me to better schedule the operation so that I won't miss any important things (like exams or meetings etc)
I asked about the risks I've read about online (eg. eyelids flipping back to single eyelids)
I asked about the level of pain so at least I'll be mentally prepared

Okay I think that's all I can remember..
But you really need to ask questions that YOU yourself are really concerned about.
Most importantly, you need to have faith in the doctor that he knows what he's doing and you are comfortable with telling him your concerns or asking questions.



Once I have confirmed the surgery..

4. What did I do before surgery?

I avoided seafood, spicy things, black-looking food (soy sauce, bubble tea pearls etc) days before the surgery.
I tried to get sufficient rest but honestly I was too nervous to sleep well haha

5. Day of surgery, how was it like?

I went to the clinic, final checks of the height of the double eyelids I want (high range or low range etc), the doctor measured it and drew markings on my eyelids. I must say Dr Tay was very precise and measured, re-measured, and measured again just to make sure everything was equal.

During the surgery I wasn't fully asleep although my eyes were totally numb and there was no pain at all. The injection was just to make you slightly drowsy, but in-between the doctor MAY ask you to look up to let him see your eyelids etc just to make sure. But it didn't happen for my case so I laid down throughout.

Once the surgery was over, the nurse gave me a cold pack to compress on my eyes to reduce the swelling and I slept for awhile before I was allowed to go home.

TIP: BRING A PAIR OF SHADES! And it'll be good if you had someone to fetch you home, accompany you home or at least take a cab most. If you watched my earlier posts about my double eyelid surgery, you would have heard me say that it was really hard to open my eyes and I felt really sleepy.

6. What did I do after surgery?

I stayed home for a WEEK with ice pack over my eyes 90% of the time, not touching the computer nor television cause I didn't want to strain my eyes, AND I ALMOST DIED.
Okay I'm kidding, just probably bored to death.... So try to get people to talk to you over the phone or accompany you in your room.

I dared not apply ANY make up or put on contact lens, continued avoiding seafood, spicy food, black-food to prevent infection or black spots on the stitching and all. Kiasu, you know?

The nurse will also arrange follow ups after the surgery to make sure everything is going well.
Felt like I was in super safe hands! :)

7. How long did it take for my eyes to heal?

I got worried around the 3rd day cause my eyes were swelling unevenly and asked the doctor but he said it was normal :)
Now it's 2 weeks since the surgery and the swelling has almost completely gone down, except for a bit but the doctor said it will continue deswelling for some time.
Still avoiding seafood but I ate spicy food already lol! I haven't touched contact lens and will only do so when the doctor says it's safe. Else if I screw up my own eyes I will only have myself to blame! *touch wood*

8. How was the bruising, swelling and pain like?

There was no pain for me at all. Probably just felt like I cried too much the night before. I didn't even take any painkillers they provided cause it really didn't hurt at all :)
Bruising and swelling... was really ugly to the extent I asked myself why I even put myself through that shit, cause I'm the kind who bruises easily.
You can check out my previous posts with videos of it.

9. When can I resume my usual activities?

I've read online 3 to 5 days and the doctor said around that range as well but I was kiasu plus I bruised a lot so I rested for about 2 weeks.
If you have any doubts like "Can I put on make up?" etc, please consult the doctor cause it really depends on how quickly your wounds will heal and all and the last thing you want is inflamed eyes!

10. Do I like my eyes now?

Yes, I am extremely pleased. Which is partly why I would like to blog for Dr Tay as well because I feel like he deserves the good review.

I didn't go through any pain at all, but I managed to get the parallel double eyelid effect I've always tried to create with my double eyelid tape, except NOW IT'S PERMANENT :)

It feels like he didn't just do a double eyelid surgery for me, but he mended a really huge gap in my self-esteem. I really feel a lot happier now cause of the surgery and I hope it will stay this way for many years to come!

My eyes are not dolly-ishly huge now, and like I said before the double eyelids are not suppose to change the height of the opening of my eyes, but I really love it! :)


Final disclaimer: I am NOT promoting plastic surgery or saying that you can't love how you were born to look like, it's just that in my case it's a very personal preference and decision. Do also note that plastic surgery is NOT magic and results are not always guaranteed.
There are always risks involved (although the doctors will try to minimize it) and you must be prepared to bear the consequences should anything happen.

For my case, I was afraid of asymmetry or even going BLIND! But I told myself that I wanted to take the chance, and I did. :)

If you have anymore questions, please comment in the comment box so that I can answer it in a [Plastic Eyes] FAQ #2 post.
I won't be able to reply the emails people sent me one by one regarding the surgery cause a number of them are repeated questions, hope you guys will understand.

I really hope this post is helpful to you all who are interested, and I am so sorry for the lack of pictures.

I will be back to blog with more pictures soon once the doctor says I can put on my lens and make up,
thanks for reading!
Love you all!

2 Random pictures I took from Claire from Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Party :)


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you chose Dr Wong do it for you instead? Wasn't he, in your opinion as good?

Anonymous said...

For plastic surgery its permanent? Like won't you have to like go back to fix it time to time again?

Anonymous said...

how much did you paid! :)

kitty said...

Dr Wong sounds good too and he was highly raved about in forums to be honest. But I think a lot of this depends on fate / luck / affinity. Maybe I consulted Dr Tay on a happier day so I chose him instead? yep :)

Mine has a chance of flipping back so I'm praying it won't haha! There is no such thing as "permanent" cause sometimes accidents do happen and it might require you to re-do the surgery.


salsal said...

is stitching method the same as the suture method? I heard that the stitches may break and the eyelids won't last beyond 3-5 years

Anonymous said...

who did u think was friendlier? dr wong or andrew tay? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi what's the crease height that you did? Hope you can answer this. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

stiching method can last only a few years right?looks so natural..!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I really like how natural they looked. I am so tempted because I have been relying on double eyelid tapes too.

I just wanna know how your eyelids look when they are closed. Cos I've seen those with the cut lines so deep and dark when the eyes were closed.


Anonymous said...

Im only 15 this year. Parent allow. But can i do surgery for my eyelid too? My eye is very small~ Wish to do my nose too.

Anonymous said...

Did you ask about tapered eyelids? And how much is it? Because i've lazy eyes and i want that eyelid to make my eyes bigger :(

E said...

Hey, just wna say (just like SOOO many others have) that you seriously look better with light make up, especially with your new lids. :) Hope that you would have more confidence in how you look yeah? You look much younger and more radiant! Seriously, stick to lighter make up! You're young & you should flaunt your youth ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to post a close up of your eyes without make up? (:

Anonymous said...

i think you provided the wrong info. your method, which is the stitching method, is not permanent. incisional method is permanent, except for rare cases. hence the longer recovery time and the higher costs.

Anonymous said...

i think you are providing the wrong info to your readers. your method, which is the stitching method, is not permanent and loss of fold is very common. incisional method which involves cutting of the skin and often the removal of fats, is highly permanent, except for rare cases. hence the longer recovery time and the higher costs.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog because I just had my first consultation with a doctor in KL.

But what the doctor told me was that the stitching method can only last 1-5 years depending on the body because if the eyelid has fats, the thread will eventually loosen and it will go back to my original eyelid. Did your doctor mention anything about this?

Also, when stitching/suturing, did he pull up your lids and sew from underneath or just sew on top of your lids? Your feedback would help :)