Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Plastic Eyes] Night of surgery

Uneven swelling of my eyes :(
I was actually super worried and super paranoid if my eyes will end up uneven.......fml

After all, plastic surgery isn't magic and even doctors might make mistakes sometimes.....? T~T
paranoid paranoid paranoid

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Anonymous said...

The side which is more swollen, is that the side you are sleeping on (side-sleeper)? Try sleeping on your back with an elevated pillow if you can, or the less swollen side if you can only sleep on your side (try alternating sides each night).

Iced the area around your eyes (forehead, cheeks, temple, etc) but no direct contact of the ice pack with your eyes (for about a week). Switch to a heat pack after 1 week (ok to have direct contact as long as it isn't too hot).

Feel better soon :D