Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Plastic Surgery Part 1

If you guys don't already know, I will soon be going for eyelid surgery because of my own somewhat extreme insecurities about my eyes making me look lethargic all the time, my past with my school mates teasing me because of my eyes for years, personal preference for double eyelids etc etc.

In case you're wondering, my immediate family and Martin are agreeable to it and no one else's opinions matter thereafter, so no issues there.

And if some of you guys want to judge me about how "fake", insecure and "plastic-y" I am, please read this post (http://pxdkitty.blogspot.com/2012/02/natural-beauty-my-ass.html) and realize that I am aware of it and I actually don't mind.


So let's get started about how to go about deciding if you'd like to go for a particular cosmetic surgery.

First of all, unlike the usual misconception, going for plastic surgery is not just about having the money.
Because if I were to hand you $3,000 and tell you to lie down on the surgery bed right this instant to get your eyes cut by a doctor you're totally unfamiliar with, you wouldn't be able to agree readily.

Questions like these will be flooding your mind:
What if it turns out wrong?
How good is this doctor?
What are the risks?
What if I can't go back to how I used to look like because surgery is permanent?
What should I avoid right after the surgery?
How long is the recovery time?
Will there be scars?
What medication / food / fruits can help sped up the recovery?
Will people find out I had surgery?
What will my family think?
Will my friends judge me?
I've heard of failed plastic surgery cases.. what if I look like this????!!!

So yes, mental preparation first before you start saving up for cosmetic surgeries.
Plus, when you are mentally prepared, you'll feel more motivated to save up for your surgery :)

Cause trust me, I've heard a million girls go like "If I had the money, I'd totally go through tons of plastic surgery to look like AngelaBaby" but I've never seen anyone of them go to the extreme to do a ton of surgeries just to look like her, although I'm quite sure some of them can afford it.

By the way, this is AngelaBaby. Asian perfection :)

You really have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone of your own familiar face of maybe 20 years for something new, and in some cases you cannot turn back.

I know many of us whine everyday and complain about how we look, but truth is we're not going to die if we don't do anything about our faces, we just like to complain and can live by with just being able to complain.
So to actually do something about it actually takes a lot of determination.

So please do not make any impulsive decisions and go for some surgery you aren't well-informed in a heat of the moment. Cause you'll definitely regret it.

How to get mentally prepared for plastic surgery?

With the awesome internet, a lot of things can be found online.
- Check out forums where anonymous people discuss about plastic surgery, which doctor they went to, which they would recommend, what can help recovery time, how long it took to heal, and some of them might even attach pictures
- Read up on blogs (LIKE MINE!) and watch videos by people who share their views and personal experience with plastic surgery
- Watch videos of surgeries
- Check out websites on plastic surgery, the risks, healing time, measures to take before & after surgeries etc
-Ask around for online friends, online friends, bloggers, models etc who have done surgery before (& are open about it) for their opinions and experiences

But asking on the cyber world alone is definitely not going to give you the full assurance
You will really need to talk face to face with people you can trust, like your family members before making any decision

And if after all your "research" online and all the above mentioned and you have a rough idea of what you want, it's time to contact a doctor for consultation.

Personally I think the way doctors or their secretaries reply their clients show a lot about their attitudes.
In my case, I actually called up one of the clinics of my choice to enquire about their surgeries and prices but there was this nurse who was extremely rude to me, and so I stroke that clinic off my consideration.
I can already imagine her ripping the stitches off my eye carelessly if I did my surgery there... *shudder*

Before consultation, please prepare all the questions you really want to ask the doctor cause he's going to charge you for it!
So don't be shy, otherwise it'll be a waste of your approximately $100 for a local doctor (not sure about overseas though).
It's like a ask all you want buffet. Fixed price, just keep asking as many questions as you want.
This will give you a clear idea of how confident the doctor is of the surgery, how experienced he is, you could probably request for pictures of his past patients (like just their eyes, not the entire face of course), their price AFTER GST AND EVERYTHING (some doctors tell you $2k and then it ends up as $2.9k so yah) etcetc.

After consultation, you do not have to confirm the operation with the doctor if you're not comfortable with it.
Be sure to consult a few other doctors to find one whom you are comfortable with because it is extremely important that you are able to make known to the doctor about the results you'd like to achieve and if it is even achievable at all.

And like I said, the first step to getting a surgery done is by getting mentally prepared.
Because plastic surgery is just like any other kinds of surgery, not magic, no 100% guarantees.

For me, it took YEARSSSSSS.
I really cannot emphasize how many years, how much hopes, fear, tears, excitement, confusion and courage it took for me to finally turn random Googling in the middle of the night about "double eyelid surgery" "scars from double eyelid surgery" "double eyelid surgery before after" into a solid plan to save up for surgery and eventually finally finding a suitable doctor for it.

I will be posting up the Part 2 of this post soon, where I'll share about some surgeries I've honestly considered, some which I've decided to not go for and why, some "inspirations" for you girls who are planning to do cosmetic surgeries in future and some other stuff :)

The main point of this series of plastic surgery posts are meant to be informative and to help girls out there who were as lost as I was but have some issues with their faces they'd like to rectify.
So any form of hate comments or immature remarks would be deleted.

This will actually be one of my last blogposts blogging with SMALL TIRED-LOOKING SINGLE EYELIDS....
I will blog about the surgery with before and after pictures so do wait for it!


Thanks for reading, love you all!


THT Christina said...

I'm glad that you are well informed about all of this! I personally do not mind people getting surgery, heck, I highly dislike my nose even when others say that it's fine =.='' But even though you wear makeup, lashes, eyelid tape and circle lens. I've always thought you were super pretty :)

Looking forward to future posts!

xx THT Christina

Hannah Goh said...

Just wanted to let you know. I followed you since you were "famous" when you were close with samantha... or something. Kinda forgot her exact name. But anyway, whether you end up feeling more confident or not, and no matter how many haters you get after the surgery (like xx), I'll always continue supporting you. Always. And to me, you're beautiful with or without make up. I hope you'll find even more confidence after this cos you ARE beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow you're so brave! Please do updates about your surgery, i would love to read them. Such as questions you asked during your consultations etc. Coming from a fellow single eyelid person, i can relate to it as well :( I have to use fake eyelashes to have a crease and sometimes i just get so tired doing the same routine that i just want to draw my eyeliner and be done with it. Plus, i'm considering eyelid surgery as well in the future and your posts will help alot :)

Wish you all the best in your surgery and hope it turns out the way you want it to!

PS: first time i've ever commented after reading for so long :)

Anonymous said...

Omggggggggg, Rachell. But you look so pretty already. But anyways, i'm also still in the midst of mentally preparing myself to do my nose. Gawd, asians really have bulbous nose. ): Yeah, i cant wait to see you with double-eyelids, confirm damn chio loh.

Anonymous said...

Double eyelid surgery? =O As far as I can see in your pictures you do have double eyelids.. or am I missing something?

I've been walking around with your same insecurities, I did not have 'eyelids', I couldn't even look in people's faces cause I was soo insecure about my non-existence-eyelids. So i've been using eyelid glue for a year and then I stopped with that and miraculously my eyelids stayed that way (without the glue!) so now i'm just happy!

But could you show me a picture of how you want your eyes to look like?

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for your reviews and pictures! I'm just another girl who's insecure about her eyes and always get teased by friends having small and sleepy eyes. :(

Anonymous said...

Babe di u cut short your fringe or you clip on fake fringe? :)

jesslimcy said...

Speedy recovery hun! All the best! X

Joey said...

I honestly think you look very pretty already. I love your eyes. However, I'm not going to judge you at all because this is personal choice and really, it is no big deal. So just wanna say good luck with the surgery! Hope it turns out just the way you want. Can't wait for pics :D

Anonymous said...

You're so brave! I've been thinking bout going for plastic surgery for ages but still haven't got the courage to go for it. Good luck in getting your pretty eyes! (p.s. love your blog :> )