Monday, February 20, 2012

Plastic Surgery Part 2

After a loooong period (not exactly, it's just a week) of MIA, I'm finally back!

This is me BEFORE surgery!
No after surgery pictures yet~

Anyway in case you're asking why I haven't been blogging or tweeting much, I had to let my eyes rest for several days so I wasn't able to get onto the computer, sorry about it!

If you haven't already read the previous post about Plastic Surgery Part 1, please do first cause this will be a continuation :)


Apart from double eyelid surgery, I really wanted to do a heck load more to my eyes because I really couldn't stand it being so small initially.

Some other surgeries I've honestly considered:
1) Lateral Epicanthoplasty
2) "Pulling" my eye muscle so my eye opens up bigger (my doctor introduced this to me)
3) Rhinoplasty
4) Chin implants
5) Forehead implants

As you can see, I'm quite greedy (who doesn't want to look perfect?) but obviously I'm not so brave to endure all of that, plus my bank account didn't allow most of it.... so yeah.

1) Lateral Canthoplasty / Epicanthoplasty
I got to know of this surgery because I read Xiaxue's blogpost on plastic surgery previously.

I THINK there are actually several different kinds although the names all look confusingly similar. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Lateral Canthoplasty: An operation performed at the outer corner of the eye where the upper and lower eyelid join together. (definition and picture credit to this website)

Medial Epicanthoplasty: This procedure focuses on the inner corner of the eye, removing the excess fold to reveal the medial portion of the eyes. Medial epicanthoplasty is designed to make the eye appear larger and more open, and may straighten slanted eyes. (definition credit to this website)

Lateral Epicanthoplasty: In addition to focusing on the fold at the inner eye, this procedure also addresses the outer portion of the eye. Lateral epicanthoplasty is done to lengthen the eye and correct a slant that makes an eye appear droopy or tired. (definition credit to this website)

The one I wanted was the third one, Lateral Epicanthoplasty. It's basically like cutting the inner and outer edges of your eye to make it open bigger.
Think along the lines of the diameter of a circle. The bigger the diameter (the width of your eye), the bigger your eye will become. And obviously I would love to do this!

But along the way I chose not to because while googling about plastic surgery, I chanced upon this blog (pictures credit to her as well) where the blogger blogged about her day to day progress with her eyelid surgery.

And this line in particular made me give up all thoughts of getting Lateral Epicanthoplasty.

"Consequently, there is not much visible lengthening effect when the eye is viewed from the front; the slight widening of 1-2 mm is only noticeable in a side profile view. The widened segment has no lashes and so may call attention to itself if makeup is not used as camouflage."

Because obviously it looked like it hurt damn badly. And obviously I wouldn't choose to go through all that pain if the effect isn't going to be really huge. I even took a ruler to see if 1-2mm was going to make a big difference.. and NOPE!

Plus the scars seem like quite a problem and I'm the kind of person who is damn anal about scars. So if the scars are going to be so obvious and I have to waste extra foundation trying to cover it up.. NO WAY.

So I gave up that thought.
And well, some $$$ saved I guess? Haha!

2) "Pulling" my eye muscle so my eye opens up bigger
I apologize for the extremely clumsy way of phrasing this but I really have no idea what it's called in a more plastic surgery-ish term. During one of my consultations, a doctor introduced this to me and told me that double eyelid surgery will NOT change the opening of my eyes and if I wanted the opening of my eyes to be bigger, I will have to pull the muscles of my eye or something.

Now everyone touch the space between the end of your eyebrows and the outer corner of your eyes and pull up slightly. That's roughly the effect you'll get from this surgery.
It does make my eyes open wider but what I was afraid of is the constant SHOCKED/SURPRISED expression hahaha
Can you imagine when I'm sad, and my eyes are still O.O....
Personally I didn't like it so I didn't go for it but I think some people may like it so yep! More $$ saved!

3) Rhinoplasty
I really really like high nose bridges and I know some people tell me that my nose is quite alright already but..... you know the kind of ang moh / mixed blood nose?
So far I haven't heard of anyone who doesn't want that kind of nose so please don't say I'm trying to act ang moh or super greedy etc.
Nobody will be truly completely 100% satisfied with how they look okay~

I initially wanted to post a picture of my side profile to show you guys a comparison, but after pasting this picture here, I shall not embarrass myself LOL!

But! In the end I didn't go for rhinoplasty and didn't go for consultation regarding it because I don't think I'm ready to have a silicone put into my face yet and I really like to blow my nose violently (admit it, some of you do this too, lol!) and I can't stop squeezing blackheads from my nose...
Can you imagine if I screw up my $xxxx nose job by squeezing my blackheads? Really FML.

Shall suck thumb and be satisfied with contouring my nose for now.
And if I'm really unhappy about it, I will photoshop in future!!!

Yay, again, $$$ saved!

4) Chin implants
This might sound really stupid but I think my jaw is really short and even though I'm not overly obese or anything.... I HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN.
I would love to have a more defined jawline and sharper chin
But again, I don't think I can live with leaning on my hand or sleeping with the fear that i might accidentally push it out of shape.

So that's out for me.
I shall live with my double chin and anyway my boyfriend likes to disturb me about it so I'll give him something to tease me about cause sometimes it's quite funny hahah

5) Forehead implants
I really really liked the idea of having deep set eyes and since my side profile of my face is more or less flat (super asian), unlike eurasians or caucasians, the only way to make it look more 3D is to get forehead implants.
But I heard about the huge scar that will be made somewhere along your hair line and hair will never ever grow out of that place..... O.O

No, just... no.


Just a disclaimer, I'm not criticizing people who go for the above mentioned surgeries, I'm just saying that I'm not a fan of it and it's my own face so I get to decide what I want to do even if you think this or that might have been better for me.


Anyway here are some "inspirations" I looked at before I decided what kind of surgery I want to go for.

The pictures below are some of the prettiest famous asian girls (in my opinion) I heard of and obviously they are are good references for girls who are keen in enhancing their looks through cosmetic surgery.

Like you can see what kind of features about them you like and see if it's achievable for your face.
But really, don't go plastic surgery just to look like someone else cause that will be so fucked up.
Can you imagine if you are famous and some girl who looks like you comes up to you and says "I am your biggest fan! I did surgery just to look like you!"?
Won't you feel fucking annoyed by her? Cause I know I would.
Imitation in this case isn't the best form of flattery okay.
So I won't intentionally make myself look like anyone else.
I just want to look like myself but with prettier eyes, nose, mouth, face blahblahblah HAHA

And no matter how much plastic surgery you do, plastic surgery is still plastic surgery, not god.
You WILL still look somewhat like yourself in the end so yeah, gotta be realistic!

So anyway, some eye candies for your reference:


Tsubasa Masuwaka

Lena Fuji

Cheesie (She's a blogger by the way!)

Sandara Park


In the end, the only surgery I saved enough money for and had enough guts to do was double eyelid surgery.
And I did the stitching method locally, approximately $3k if you consider the medication and whatnot.
I heard it's waaaay cheaper overseas but my parents don't feel safe if they're not with me so yeah!

I will blog about my entire surgery within the next few posts :)

Sorry for the lack of my own pictures for now cause my eyes are still bruised and swelling and I have to wait for it to recover before applying make up cause I'm damn kiasu and scared of complications should my foundation get into the wounds or whatever, LOL! #sosingaporean

Thanks for reading, will update soon!


Anonymous said...

babe any websites for lenses :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know is the surgery pain?

kitty said...

not at all :) honestly, I felt no pain at all even during recovery! I didn't even take the painkillers they gave ^~^

Bunny said...

You're a very brave girl! Hope it all went well. Looking forward to your update.

Anonymous said...

can you share where you did your surgery at and who your surgeon was? i have an eyelid surgery scheduled next month overseas but i would much rather do it locally if i can find a good doctor! :)

thank you so much in advance!

dollyeyed said...

I'm so excited to see the results!! I hope you're happy with how it all turned out! :) I've also been considering double-eyelid surgery as well. I hate having tired and droopy eyes! haha. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

salute you! I totally agreed with you that "nobody is satisfied with their current look"! and the ang-moh nose bridge -- it's my dream-to-have! Hahaha, you're awesome! and speedy recovery for you babe! ;)

Anonymous said...

omg you finally did it! will the results from stitching last? or is cutting more lasting? ;O

Ashley said...

You look so pretty already ! ^^
Can't wait till you post your after pictures !

Jess said...

You are so beautiful, and I respect your decision to choose what you want to do to your body, but please don't go overboard. It makes me sad to hear that you want to get all of these other surgeries done when you are gorgeous the way you are...! Again, I am not trying to pass judgement, I just hope you recognize that you are a beautiful person already.. ^^

Anonymous said...

BUT YOU LOOK FINE WITHOUT SURGERY!!! Hahaha. Is it cause its more cost effective in the long run?

Bee said...

ahhhh!!! i have been looking for a blog like this FOR SO LONG!!!! Finally a beautiful girl before surgery, not afraid to GET surgery :) I mean, i hate it when I tell people that I want to get surgery on my (insert body part here) and they get all mad and say "AUGH BUT WAI?? SHADDUP! UR ALREADY PRETTY". :D and i know you probably get that A LOT! (since ur already stunning before the surgery, and after it you're probably gonna be...stunnigER :D ahah) anyways im off to read all ur posts (no stalker)

Anonymous said...