Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rustic Charms

Felt too cooped up at home trying to recover from my post-surgery eyes the other day and decided to be brave and step out of my house for the first time in... a week!

Sweet sweet freedom!
But okay, freedom doesn't last for long, I'm still stuck at home the next few days haha

I love how all the shops at Arab street are all so quaint and full of character! :)

I had to wear shades throughout, even while eating, so that nobody could see my eyes lol!
It's still bruise-y here!

Hi there handsomeeee :)

Was wearing my favorite new high waist shorts from :)

Arab street is known for all the bulk-purchase of swarovski crystals people use to bling up handphones and all so we were there to get some but....
We went too late and the shops were closed :(

So just an advise, if you don't want to make a wasted trip there, make sure you go there early!

Otherwise heading there for the ambiance of their cafes or sheesha's pretty good too.

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your bag from? :) So adorable! Hope your eyes get better soon <3 I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi I REALLY LOVE YOUR JACKET!!! Where did you get it from, if you don't mind me asking?
And yes, glad your eyes are much better now!!!!