Saturday, February 4, 2012

SuperStar Virgo Re-launch event

I went for the SuperStar Virgo Re-launch event along with Mint, Silver, William, Smith and Alvin the other day.

I was extremely excited because I haven't been on a cruise for quite some time now :)
I do remember my dad bringing my family us to SuperStar Leo when I was really young though. Because I'm a Leo and so I remember that cruise especially haha!

Since its inception in 1993, Star Cruises has achieved global recognition, being the leading cruise line in Asia- Pacific and one of the three largest in the world.
They are known for their new and luxurious megaships, exciting itineraries and hand standards of hospitality.

Also, Star Cruises will be having irresistible cruise offers during the 3-day NATAS Holidays Fair (24th to 26th February 2012) and other amazing promotions for you and your family!
I love how their fares are all-inclusive, which makes Star Cruises vacation undoubtedly one of the best-value-for-money holiday options for holiday makers who are seeking for a hassle-free getaway :)
Do check them out at their website:



I was greeted by a happy looking dragon mascot! Haha so cute!

We were told that the dress code was Oriental so I wore the same dress that I had on during the first day of Chinese New Year.
BUT little did I know that no one else followed the dress code :( LOL!

And then we were seated for the performances lined up for us! :)

First up, lion dance!

See my happy dragon friend behind! :)

And Mr Michael Goh, Senior Vice President - Sales, gave us a welcome speech! :D

Lou Hei for good luck!

The waiter helping us prepare the lou hei :D

I was trying to hold the chopsticks with my left hand so that I can use my right hand to take pictures of the process, haha!

The aftermath :p

Oh look it's Elvis Presley! :p haha he sounded quite like the real deal

And we had Hi-Tea Buffet too :)
All the yummy and pretty snacks!

And during high tea we had a few games of Bingo as well but no one from our table won haha aww! But it was super exciting! :) :)

And after that, we had a tour around the ship! :)

Check out how grand the lobby looks! :D

Not forgetting the wide range of entertainment facilities available!
Shows, movies, arcades, mahjong and many more!

The Lido theatre looked so grand and it was so spacious! I was actually hoping they would have some rehearsal performances then and there so I could get a sneak peek :p

Lido Balcony :)
This is just as you see in the movies, somewhat like the super VIP seats. And true enough, you feel good just being there looking down haha!

And then we went to check out the rooms :)
I picked room 8008 to show you guys a huat huat number! LOL

This would be their basic rooms
Clean, cosy and simple
I was so tempted to just plop onto the bed man!

Then we moved on to check out the suites!
All their suites have different names and somewhat different designs
This one was the Sentosa Suite :)

The suites were indeed extravagant and extremely breath taking.
It looked like a palace and we were all just totally in awe of the splendor of it!

And I really couldn't resist camwhoring hahah

Another suite!

Wah I wish I could soak in a bathtub like that too! Looks so good!

Can you believe they even have a hair salon on the ship? :D
I think my mum will totally love this haha! Wherever we go (overseas or new places) she'll always aim for hair salons and go for their hair wash and stuff!

My favorite part of all, the outdoor area and the swimming pool!
So super pretty!

Did you guys notice anything special about the water slide? :)
It goes OUT of the ship at the part where it's transparent so you can see the water below!!

William took these pictures for me cause he said that the lighting was good there :) Thank you william!

And yes babies, my Casio Exilim camera is back thanks to your votes!!! :D
In fact, I won 2 sets and will be GIVING AWAY the second set to thank you all for voting for me. More details to be posted up soon :)
Do watch this space!

With Silver and Smith :)

Smith specially requested for this picture because of the Catwoman's sexy back :p

Another happy dragon mascot on our way out! :)

Would really like to thank SuperStar Virgo as well as for this experience :)

And looking at the pamphlets and all, my boyfriend and I are actually eye-ing on some of their Smartest Cruise Deals which are 40% off all persons!! Super temptinggggg!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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