Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twelve Cupcakes

It was a long and arduous journey (okay, not really..) for Peishi and I in search of Millenia Walk the other day simply because...
we kept getting lost. FOL.

We were looking for this particular cupcake shop set up by Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo called Twelve Cupcakes because I wanted to try them! :)

Twelve Cupcakes (Millenia Walk)
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-52 Millennia Walk

And finally!

We got the salted caramel one and the red velvet.
Red velvets are always popular among cupcakes for some reason.. probably the attractive color, but I personally prefer the salted caramel one cause it tastes sooooo crazily good! :)

Anyway, if you find the setting and everything familiar, it was where Peishi and I filmed our Typical Singaporean Parents (or Mothers) video.
The staff at Twelve Cupcakes were so awesome! They didn't even chase us out or anything!! :)
But we felt bad staying there for so long~~ oops!

(grabbed some pictures from Peishi's blog)

And we went to the toilet and took some more pictures!

Please do not remind me about how humongous I look standing beside Peishi, I am aware of that, thank you :(

Outfit of the Day shots! :)

White Oversized Knitted Top: H&M, I'm guessing it's a top but it was XL on SALE for $30 only!! So I bought it and wore it as a dress
Black basic belt: Random shop, it was those men's belt and I altered it short
Balenciaga Inspired bag: Local blogshop
H&M Inspired wedges: Local blogshop's spree

Thanks for reading, love you all!


sgrmse. said...

omg, i wanna move to singapore nownownow :o also, idk why but my comments don't show up on your blog. i guess none of `em gets published? hm...

Anonymous said...

Rachell, why you so pretty~~~ Jealous x 10000000. Okay can, i sound like some disgruntled kid who didnt get her candy or toy. But still, you're too pretty. <3<3