Thursday, February 2, 2012


Not the most glam of places for me to be taking outfit shots but this will have to do.
The pain of having no one who bothers to take pictures for me despite dressing up #foreveralone

Outfit of the day:
Black asymmetrical hem tube dress (blogshop)
Sheer button shirt (H&M)
A.Wang Inspired diego bag with Fox tail keychain
Sam Edelman Inspired harness boots
Snake Bite ring (blogshop)
River Island metal spikes necklace

If you do notice the pink foil eco bag in the background, yes it belongs to me.
I used it to pack my mail and very conveniently chucked it by the mirrors while I snapped a few quick shots before people started staring.


Anonymous said...

yay! i support you for going for eyelid surgery! i'm 17 this year and am considering flying to korea to get it done soon. i've been through all that you've been, having my eyes as my biggest insecurity. not to say that i advocate plastic surgery but i hope society becomes more accepting of it <3

Mirai ♥ said...

I agree with you so much on this one. A couple of random people have been leaving hurtful remarks on my formspring that I should put less make up, that I'm trying to use make up to compensate for my lack of looks etc.

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to make yourself more presentable. Honestly, to hell with all those people who bitch about "fakeness". They probably aren't that real either, face it- no one is, and even without makeup we all put on a mask.

sgrmse. said...

is your hair bleached? :o

Maria Veronica said...

Oh my god, is that Hougang Mall's toilet? Haha

Anonymous said...

You're so pretty!

From which blogshop did you get the black asymmetrical hem tube dress?

I love your outfit very much!