Friday, February 3, 2012

"Who teach you one?"

So much drama, so much hate, so much tears, so much pain.
Sometimes we just wish we could pretend all of that doesn't exist and just be happy with our lives with only those we love.

Some people in your life are like shadows. They are there for you as long as the sun is shining, but once you walk into darkness, they disappear.
You only have one heart, not extremely roomy I'd say. So please choose who you're going to give your affection to wisely.

But stay strong loves, your true loves are the ones you should keep the faith for :)

Hope this video will make you laugh and hopefully put you all in a better mood and forget all the shit that's happening in your lives right now (if applicable).

Love you all :)


Anonymous said...

hi rachell! do you mind sharing where to get nice shades? interested in round shades (i've checked FEP but dont have :( ) or online blogshops or whatever! preferrably <50! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Darn funnny!!!!!