Thursday, March 15, 2012

BBQ Chicken

My mum has always pointed out how I'm extremely picky with my food, and in contrast my younger brother eats almost everything.
So she came up with this saying that if I said something tastes good, you'd better believe it cause it's really good
and if my brother said that something tastes awful, you'd better stay as far away from it as possible.

So here's a restaurant that I'd recommended previously!
This time, I went with my mum and my boyfriend and so we had the luxury of time to savor the food thoroughly b:

BBQ Chicken
Greenwich V, #02-07
Opening Hours: 11am - 10.15pm
Tel: 6555 7802

(By the way, you should probably check out the shuttle bus service to Greenwich V cause it's super convenient and it's free! I took it home with my boyfriend that day!)

Here's what we ordered :)

Their signature Hot Hot Drums (about $14)!
You HAVE TO try this, I swear! It's really crazily good if you love spicy food.
Plus they're currently having a 1 for 1 promotion, if you buy this set you get another set (of the listed choice, e.g. Sambal grilled fish) for free!

This is NOT an advert of any sort, I just really like the food and I think the promotion is damn worth it so I just want to share.

Seafood platter.
I thought this was just so-so.
Not as impressive as their other dishes, cause I think they specialize in their sauces and those dishes with sauce are awesome!
This just tasted like regular fried calamaries or breaded prawns, not awful, just didn't have quite a lasting impression as the rest.

This Sambal Grilled Fish is the free set we got from the 1 for 1 promotion from buying the Hot Hot Drums!
The sauce is sweet and spicy, tastes quite like those thai chill sauce which I really like
and the dory fish was HEAVENLY. Literally melts in your mouth omgggg just thinking about it....... *drooling*

Their mashed potato was yummy too!
It's all about the sauces and gravy at BBQ Chicken man!

Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio
This was mildly spicy but really refreshing compared to the other dishes cause it was "lighter" in flavor.

You could pick this warm brownie with ice cream as the "free" portion of the 1 for 1 promotion too :)
Definitely a good closure for a meal!

I hope this post makes you hungry :p

Thanks for reading!
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

The food really looks good! Im so tempted! I did a search for the map and it looks so ulu so I think I'm going to take the shuttle bus too. Where to take it from?


Joyce EmoLim said...

Just curious, what camera are you using? Really love the effect of the pictures.

kitty said...

i took it from yiochukang mrt :)
if you check the map they have several other stops <3

hey dear, panasonic lumix, a really old model though!