Thursday, March 15, 2012


A very impromptu decision brought us to CHIJMES the other day.
We've driven by the place many times but hardly ever gone in to take a look.
I've always thought that CHIJMES was a really tiny step atas place and it wouldn't have anything worth stopping for anyway......

I was wrong.
The place is beautiful!
Like half the time I couldn't believe I was still in Singapore!
It was so spacious, so breezy, so relaxed and contrasting to the rest of the CBD area.
To me, being able to take a picture in Singapore with a clear sky as backdrop (not overcrowded with tall buildings) is quite a thing to be excited about.

And because it was quite a spontaneous visit to CHIJMES, I was underdressed.
It was one of those days I slacked off and didn't bother with my hair and wore a teeshirt dress cause I just wanted to get out of the house fast....
And I regretted!
Lesson learnt: Never be lazy to dress up.

Not that I don't love my top, but it's more suited for more casual places probably.

Good place for picture taking and also
a perfect place for good food!
In fact, there were so many good restaurants around we couldn't decide which to settle for.
So much food, so little tummy space!

Will blog about the food we ate in the next post though, so do wait for that :)

Thanks for reading, love!!! :)


Anonymous said...

nice pictures rachell!

btw, i really want to win ur cam, but i've no twitter acc nor facebook.
i hope u will do the giveaway thru blog comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi rachell please reply to this comment. Is CHIJMES crowded? I would really love to go there for a shoot but would be akward if its crowded! Please please reply. :) thank you. <3

Anonymous said...

Can you do a tutorial for this hair style? I have been trying but always fail. ):

Anonymous said...

Hey dear, where did you get the black studded bag from? Looks gorgeous!

kitty said...

thank you dear <3 noted! :)

Nope, when I went chjmes at around 4pm it was empty!

sure, i'll do it on a good hair day! :p

ashincans! :) blogged about it in my recent older posts <3

Miggie Jerlinayee said...

Hi pxdkitty, hope you can answer my questions. :) Can I know where you bought your studded tote bag from?