Friday, March 23, 2012

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation: Challenge 1

Went to Cineleisure with Peishi and Noah the other day :)

Cineleisure is like THE place to hang out for young people since I was young
(meaning a long long time ago)
I'm guessing it's largely because Cineleisure always manage to catch up with the current trends (in terms of food, things to do, fashion etc) that teens like and so Cineleisure's always updated with the coolest stuff!

Before entering Cine, there's always this ledge where people sit on and hang out and chit chat with their friends
so I decided to be extra and chup in :X

But sorry lah I'm not a smoker, I use old school Bobdog sweet :p

Seems legit!

One of the main reasons I love Cineleisure recently is because there's this awesome shop that sells cheap and chio stuff!
(It's also featured on the Budget Barbie, QiuQiu's blogpost, so you'd better believe their stuff is value for money!)

All the way from accessories, nail polishes, lip rings to even iPhone covers - you name it, they've got it.
And because of this, it's always flooded with people so we were smart and went at an earlier timing (like 12pm) to snatch all the good stuff, lol! #sosingaporean

Everytime I go to Cineleisure I somehow would always window shop at n.u.m although it means new urban MALE not FEMALE, meaning females cannot shop there.......

......hahahaha joking okay not funny :X

I particularly like their teeshirts for blogger, youtube, twitter etc but I haven't decided which to buy cause I WANT ALL hahah!
If I can afford to buy them all I'll probably wear Blogger on Monday, Twitter on Tuesday, Youtube on Wednesday etc.... ahhh xD

There's this shop we entered called becky berry which sells tons of quirky and novel stuff like a Diamond Ring mould for making ice (great for proposals / anniversaries *hint hint to couples), mirror shaped like a tiny MacBook which is damn realistic, SODA HAT like the one SpongeBob had and lots more.
We spent a whole lot of time in the store touching and trying out everything and being amused by it hahah!

Took a break at A.venue Bistro cause we were tired and thirsty from all that walking around.
And because it was on the level with all my favourite clothes shops (Editor's Market, FEMMEX and rockstar), it was nice to plan which shop to go next while resting!

At this point Noah came to join us after his class..... see, told you going to Cine is like going home for him LOL

p.s. Here are some evidences that Noah is fond of bullying Peishi, while I stand there and take pictures of it happening.... HEHEHE life is so much more fun with people like them :p

Then we went to FEMMEX to shop again.
Gotta love their style of clothes!!
Damn super nice and edgy!

Bunnies without Naomi :( but she's having O's this year so she's busier~

A shop selling shoes for guys but Peishi and I went in cause the shop's deco is TOO PRETTY AND TEMPTING!
But they didn't allow us to camwhore in there so I took a few quick shots (phew) and we went out :p

More chio stuff at the display outside Editor's Market that I love!
This section is always damn temping cause everything's laid out clearly for you to see and they all somehow look like they're shimmering and sparklyyyy (I'm a sucker for spotlights LOL)
At a sight like this, it's hard not to say "I want everything".....
Oh and they were selling my favourite bucket bag (I have this at home) as well :D

And there were huge mirrors everywhere!
Huge mirrors are like a grand invitation with red carpet laid out for you to camwhore
and I gladly complied ;)

And that was the end of our day at Cineleisure cause we went to The Cathay Cineplex to catch the Gala Premiere of The Hunger Games.
Super productive day cause we enjoyed ourselves!! :D

We didn't get to explore the entire Cineleisure (cause there's just too much to do & see there) but that gives us a perfect reason to go back again! :p

So see you guys there if you're one of those people who frequent Cine a lot! :)

On our way to The Cathay, we passed by SOTA and Noah decided to show off his "modelling skills" hahaha

We were all really excited to watch The Hunger Games cause this movie is HIGHLY anticipated by many!!

But before we collected our tickets, we went to Popeyes (basement level) to have our dinner!

And as usual, Noah and his siao antics.......
We suspect he has ADHD lol!

Video credit to Peishi:

It's such an honour to get to watch the movie first at the Gala Premiere before others do!
So thank you so much Nuffnang and Cathay! :D

And we saw tons of famous people like LadyIronChef & Zoe Raymond (2 of the 3 star judges of the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation competition!) at the Gala Premiere too! :D
But we were super shy to approach them for a picture heheh :X

But sadly, everyone's handphones and cameras had to be collected before the movie to prevent anyone from recording the movie so no pictures after this, sorry!

But anyway, the movie was crazily cool and awesome!!!!
Can't wait for a The Hunger Games 2 if there is one!
There were lots of jaw-dropping special effects, the plot has important themes like Social classes, Love & Friendship,
and although the time frame of the movie was more futuristic, the entire concept is still realistic and relevant to modern times.

Super tempted to buy the book to read after watching the movie!
Let's see if I manage to not procrastinate........ hahah

Don't want to be a spoiler but there was a part in the movie where I literally jumped in my seat cause I got scared!
And Peishi was laughing at me omg T~T

And also a part where I'm sure EVERYONE in the cinema got teary-eyed....
Not going to be a spoiler and tell you which lah, go watch the movie and find out yourself!!

Do catch it if you can, definitely worth the ticket price :)
I rate the movie 4 out of 5 Mockingjays (The bird they used on the movie poster)!

Watch the trailer and get excited for the movie now!! :D

And after a loooong and fruitful day, it was time for all of us to head home... ^~^

Also, as this is an entry post for the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation competition,
our team Kitty on a Spaceship will need as many hits to win this competition.

So if you're free, please help me share the URL to this blogpost
onto your Twitter, Facebook or any other platforms you're comfortable with! :)
Thank you all so so so much!

If you watched the trailer of The Hunger Games, as long as you have the mockingjay pin, nothing bad will happen to you.
So I'm going to "pin" this on my blog post cause I'm superstitious like that and hope it'll give us good luck :)

And just like in the movie, there are 20 teams competing against each other and only 1 comes out...
We'll try our best to win ♥
I know this has been an extremely long post, so if you stayed till the end, thank you! :')

Click on the image below to read Peishi's Cineleisure post! :)


Xiao Shan said...

LOL The smoking sweet!!! :) Last time in primary school it was chew lollipop stick and pretend to smoke:D

Anonymous said...

Hi :) May I know what is the name of the $2 specs shops u mention here in your blogpost? which level is this shop located at? Many thanks ^.^

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post, i'll check out the specs!
i hope they will be still around.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Where did you go to edit all those pictures? It's so nice!
Love reading your blog <3

Anonymous said...

Cute and interesting post! you are getting better! :D

kitty said...

@xiaoshan hahah yes! so nostalgic! :p

@anon I'm not sure what the name is, but it's on the same level as NUM. it sells a lot of nail polishes and accessories!

@anon no problem dear! <3

@anon photoshop! :) thank you for reading! <3

@anon thank you so much for your super kind words :D <3

1004 said...

ahhhhhh you guys are adorable <3
looking at your pictures make me miss singapore so much! :c
hadowidnawowa I love your pictures too! please keep postinggg more pics :3

Anonymous said...

Hello! Are you the leader of kitty on a spaceship? I love your blogpost! You'll definitely win the competition! x)