Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easy Cheese

Bought this awesome Easy Cheese from Fairprice the other day with Martin.
It's easily the most awesome thing, ever!
Makes everything taste waaaay better cause everything with cheese is good! :p

And here's a sneak peak of the entry post I'm writing for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation competition!
Peishi and I joined it together and our group name is called Kitty on a Spaceship! HAHAH
I'm still editting it so here're some of the pictures we took to let you guys have a rough idea of what to expect :)

Wish us luck!!! :D

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

Which fairprice did you go to purchase the cheese. I couldn't find it. ):

Anonymous said...

ya lor, i couldn't find it too.
i knew it's existence for sometime already, but never ever spotted it.