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Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation: Challenge 2

From the above image, you would most likely have guessed that today's post will be about one of my favourite topics

Everyone knows that there are tons of F&B outlets at Cineleisure
and to name a few popular ones that everyone would know of -
Javier’s, Best Fries Forever, Xin Wang, Pepper Lunch, Graffiti Cafe

But to make a quick decision of where to dine at,
at a critical point when you are starving and your tummy is growling loudly and you feel like eating EVERYTHING,
that's really tough.

So let me introduce to you today to one of my favourite (and also Kitty On A Spaceship's favourite) place to eat at to solve that dilemma for you! :)
And I'm pretty sure it'll become one of your favourite F&B outlet in Cineleisure soon too!

I know you guys are probably really excited to know which outlet I'm going to recommend
but first, I would really like to nag for a little more as to why THIS is my favourite place to dine at! :p

Basically, food is not just about eating.
Yes, eating does play a large part of it but food is way more complex than that!

Food is also a means of bonding for people.
And for Peishi and I (Kitty On A Spaceship), out of all the F&B outlets in Cineleisure, this particular outlet holds a special memory! :)

Click on my archives for December 2011 and you'll know that this was the place where Peishi, Noah and I first met and have been really close ever since!
And I've never regretted having these two lovely people enter my life :)
Peishi is like the little sister I never had, and Noah is like a brother to me!
If you're interested in that post, do click HERE to read it!

So with such an obvious hint, do you guys already know where we ate at? :)
If not, place your mouse on the image below to see the answer! :D

Before you step into any restaurant (especially a new one you've never been to),
it is always good to check out their menu first.

They usually display it at the entrance for customers to browse through.
This will give you a rough idea of what dishes they have, the price range and to see if your taste buds are in the mood for that particular restaurant's food :)

Previously when we went to Shokudo, we only had their desserts.
So we weren't really familiar with their main courses and were actually quite overwhelmed by the choices on their huuuuge menu this time round!

They had Japanese omelette rice, curry rice, pastas, pizzas, steaks and many more!
Everything seems yummy and appealing, how to make a choice??

And then we decided to make our lives easier and chose the more "Japanese-y" dishes
because it is afterall a Japanese coffee house and so the Japanese dishes should be their specialty! :)
Which means we ditched the more western choices like steaks, fish & chips etc.
Smart move, the choices narrowed down by 2 pages! :)
Next step, to choose something filling cause we were really hungry~

I was drawn to the Japanese Pasta section
and the 2 particular spaghetti that cause my eye are the ones I drew heartshapes at :p

I'm not really knowledgeable about Japanese food but I know that Mentaiko and Salmon are both "good Japanese stuff"!
But decisions decisions.... which ONE to choose....?

The best part about having company while eating is that you guys can order a different dish each and share so you get to try theirs and get the best of both worlds!

In the end, I decided on ordering the Salmon Butter Ikura Spaghetti because Peishi ordered a Hotate and Mentaiko dish (not spaghetti, but I shall not reveal too much) and we agreed to share.
That way I get to eat the Mentaiko AND the Salmon!

While waiting for our food, I noticed that the staff in the kitchen are wearing masks while preparing the food :)
Yay for hygiene and cleanliness!!!
I like how they practice this even on normal days, and not just to pass those hygiene inspection tests :p

And a few minutes later, my food came.

To be honest, initially I was disappointed (because I saw how exciting Peishi's food looked!!!) because my food looked alright.
As in, it looked just.. normal.
I was expecting something more exciting but this just looked alright to me.

Plus from the picture, you could see how the spaghetti looked a little dry...
And I really like oily food cause somehow it always tastes better haha!

Taken with flash

Just as I dug into the spaghetti,
the surprise came!
There was this super fragrant special butter sauce literally glistening under the light below all the spaghetti waiting for me to mix it in!

And in that moment.....
HAHAHAH and I'm not joking!

And just when I thought that was the end,
another surprise came as I had my first taste of it.
It was slightly spicy!!!!
I was sooooo glad I didn't make a wrong choice ordering this!

Honestly, so many emotions were going on in my mind but I hope I acted calm enough for Peishi to not have noticed else she'll think I'm siao LOL!

To give you guys a rough idea of how it tasted like,
try remembering the BEST and most refreshing Aglio Olio you ever had, plus a slight tinge of spiciness...

And not forgetting these juicy fresh fish roe that added little bursts of exciting flavour at every other spoonful of the spaghetti, yummy!

And I'm usually not a fan of cooked salmon, I'd much rather have it raw, because I'm always under the impression that cooked salmon is always kind of dry
(again, you can see my obvious preference for food that is shiny/ juicy/ slightly oily/ not dry haha!)

But this tender pan-fried salmon had the perfect amount of fat in it to keep it as savory and flavorful as raw salmon meat!
And my mouth is watering as I'm typing this omg....

In case you were wondering, Peishi's dish was awesome but you'll have to read her blog later on to find out ;)
And Peishi said mine was really good too! YAY!
I love it when I order the right stuff at a restaurant at the first try! :)

My little piece of heaven was gone in a few (huge) mouthfuls cause I couldn't stop eating it!

But it's alright, cause now we have something else to look forward to - DESSERTS!
And we knew for sure the desserts would be good from our first visit, so we were extremely stoked!

Again, the heartshaped one was the waffle I ordered :)
If you're observant enough, it's actually the same thing I ordered the previous time I went to Shokudo!

"My banana caramel chocolate waffle!!!

"It's soft, moist, warm, chewy, sweet and it was sooooo yummy!!!!"

And I'm extremely pleased to tell you that this time round,
it STILL is!

It's warm, the waffle is fluffy, it's moist, it's chewy and most importantly,
the sweetness is not too overwhelming.
Also, the combination of banana and chocolate is one which I cannot resist, which is why this dish left such a deep impression on me :)

Sorry to sound really cheesy but
the Waffle with Caramel Banana and Chocolate is like this good friend whom never fails to give you the same comforting and loving feeling every time you meet her!

Definitely love at first bite!

Don't you wish right now that technology was advanced enough for you to reach into your computer screen to grab a slice of this yummy thing? :p

And then came the phone call from Noah :)

You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I ordered the Waffle with Caramel Banana and Chocolate!
HAHAHA epic!
He had that expression of the big O... but in this case for food porn :p

But anyway, for all you girls out there, here's a nice picture of him!

Peishi ordered another dessert as well but I'm not going to be a spoiler here :p

By the way I really like this picture because you can't see the mess the plate was in.....

If you're a diva or the kind who hate being tagged in unglam shots on Facebook out of the blue, never ever let anyone take a picture of you eating.
ESPECIALLY when the food tastes really good!!!
The better the food tastes, the more unglam you'll look when eating it
cause you'll most likely enjoy it too much to care about your image :p

But in our case Noah took a shot, so here's me with my mouthful of banana chocolate waffle looking real satisfied
and Peishi digging in for more! :D

From the chocolate stains on the plate you could probably tell how voraciously we swallowed the entire thing LOL!
Yes, it is THAT good!

And although the waffle tasted awesome on its own,
I'm real glad to have had Peishi and Noah share it with me cause food always tastes better when you have company! :p

The total bill came up to $30+ for Peishi and I,
which I feel was extremely reasonable and affordable given the high standards of food, service, the ambiance and the entire experience in general!

If you noticed the prices on the menu above, their main courses are about $10+ and their desserts are about $5+ on average.

Also, we asked for ice water and saved some money on the drinks because we were planning to order desserts anyway, so there's no need to order a sweet drink :)
Bet you didn't think of that HEHEH!

So if you're interested to try out Shokudo at Cathay Cineleisure, this is how their entrance looks like!

Wahhh colourful ice cream! b;

Somehow, most people don't even know Shokudo exist because we always follow the flow of the crowd at Cineleisure.
Once you get up the escalator at the second floor, you turn right and walk by the sports shop and towards the neoprint machines area and move on with your usual shopping, yes?
But Shokudo is RIGHT IN FRONT of the escalator at the second floor!
It's really such a waste for people to walk by this awesome outlet without even giving it a chance.

When we first heard of this Food Challenge (for the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation competition), blogging about Shokudo was an obvious choice to us!

We knew that we had to recommend to the audience a F&B outlet that we truly believed in and whose food we really enjoyed.
Because blogging about something which we like would make it a whole lot more enjoyable,
and we would be truthful to our audience :)

Apart from the fond memories I have of that place and their food,
I also love Shokudo for their ambiance, service and their food presentation.

As you can see from the pictures, Shokudo is like an "open-air" restaurant, which makes the whole dining experience very casual and relaxing, while at the same time serving high quality food.

Plus, their service was definitely commendable! :D
I'm sure everyone detests understaffed restaurants which makes their starving customers wait half an hour for their food or take 20 minutes just to hand them their bills.
But with Shokudo, there was never such a problem because their staff are really efficient! :)
Good service makes dining there a whole lot more satisfying too!

So do stop by Shokudo at Cineleisure one of these days and let me know if you love it as much as I do! :)

It's Kitty On A Spaceship's special hangout place
and I hope you guys will create some good memories there too!

As Peishi and I wanted to provide more choices for you guys,
we decided to be adventurous and try out Nihon Mura as well for this food challenge! :)

For those who are fans of buffets, or would prefer an unlimited amount of food at a given price, I would recommend Nihom Mura.
Personally, after having tried this the other day,
I wouldn't say I'm a fan of it, but I wouldn't say I hate it either.

There is just this magical thing about buffets that you can't hate it even if the food quality isn't that top notch all the time.
It's probably the fact that you know that you can practically order any amount of anything that makes everything else forgivable :p

Tempting, isn't it? ;)

Here's a picture of the buffet price list I took for the die hard fans of buffets :D

Review sheets which I printed out for my own note-taking!
Nice? :D

Some of the food we ate~
They tasted alright and were filling, but didn't leave as deep an impression as Shokudo did.
I feel like re-reading the top part of this post to get all excited about Shokudo's food again, haha!

If you're hungry and just want to binge at a buffet, do drop by Nihon Mura at the 4th level of Cineleisure (the level with the arcade)! :)

Between the two Japanese restaurants we visited,
I would really recommend Shokudo more! :)

I know this is a really lengthy post,
but I hope you guys enjoyed it and will check out my recommendations and...

Also, as this is a this is an entry post for the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation competition,
our team Kitty on a Spaceship needs your votes!
It will really mean a lot to us, so thank you all in advance!!! :)

You can vote for us at the following website:

Also, don't forget to check out Peishi's post and find out what she ate ;)


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