Friday, March 2, 2012


Finally got my ass down to playing with photoshop :)
I'm an amateur at it still so please forgive me if the pictures are not up to standard.... T~T

Actually what got me started was actually Yutaki's blog, which always looks amazingly god-like!
He's got a super unique style of his own and he puts A LOT of effort into every single one of his posts..
I know of many people who only comment about how good-looking he is,
but I think his pretty face is honestly just a bonus to his crazy amount of talent!
I mean, he's the model, he directs the photo composition, sometimes he does the shoots all by himself, he edits the pictures on his own, he designs the layout of how the pictures should look... Like how can you not say he's talented?!

My blog officially feels ashamed......

But I shall try to be as hardworking as him and develop my own style of editing!
I'm actually trying not to look at his page too much in case I rip off his style unconsciously..
So... here's my first very humble attempt!

You can get all of the make up products I listed in the above picture from ShopOnBlog


You know what I really hate?

When I run out of make up and I have to leave the house to get it....

But thankfully, I can shop ONLINE and buy them from :)

There are many advantages of doing so actually!

To name a few:
x I can view their products all at one shot
x Items are delivered right to my door step
x They are reliable and efficient
x Items are ALL instocks
x Many promotions on their web

P.S: Because I can't put on contact lens for the time being because of the eyelid surgery, I learnt from QiuQiu to photoshop contact lens for my pictures..
But my "lens" look fake in some pictures hahah :x

Thanks for reading, love you all!


dollyeyed said...

your eyes look beautiful in the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear may i know what kind of photoshop do you use? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Please make a tutorial for photoshopping eyes? I'd tried but failed. Sighhh!