Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jipaban Photoshoot x ChurpChurp Alpha

Did a photoshoot at Jipaban's office the other day with Peishi and Noah for ChurpChurp's all new website! :)
My SECOND photoshoot in my entire life! LOL

Peishi, Huixian and I!
Pictures credit to Peishi's blog (
I koped it from her hahah!

Peishi is like my little sister + part-time girlfriend + bunny + best friend + everything else!

We only had 1 picture of us together, I think!
Cause I only received 1 in my email

But anyway we took pictures together only after I changed into my casual clothes and I wasn't even wearing shoes hahah
so I guess it's a good thing that they didn't take too many shots :p

Random but, can I laugh at Peishi and Noah for once?
Partly because Naomi and I always feel like rhinos standing beside them CAUSE THEY'RE SO SUPER SKINNY!
Okay I will take this chance and laugh at them :p
When they wore some of the clothes handed to them, they needed to use clothes peg to peg it so it wouldn't look too baggy in the pictures
cause they were too small sized for even the smallest sized clothes x) HAHAHA

Okay I'm done laughing :p

Here are my individual shots, all picture credit goes to Jipaban :)
Plus outfit too!

Leopard Wedges:
Dress: Coming soon at Jipaban

Despite taking so many pictures of myself by myself,
believe it or not, I'm actually camera shy......
As in in front of others' lens I'm usually awkward and don't know what expression to give....
I'm not the only one, right? :/

So anyway I couldn't decide and kind of smiled in some pictures and act cool for the others, but I think they looked alright in the end :)
Not as awkward as I expected hahaha thank god!

I am actually really fond of this shot so I mirror-ed it here so there's double of it LOL

So anyway, Peishi and I are SUPER LUCKY & HONOURED to be Featured on Jipaban's Editor's Pick (Women) for March 2012! :')

You can see us here and find the links of where to get the apparels:

Also, I am an Alpha on ChurpChurp along with a lot of cool people, including a lot of my idols!! ♥.♥
It's like the biggest honour ever and even better than striking 4D :p

Check us out here:

And because of that, I get an extra Churpie to GIVEAWAY!!! :D

Stand a chance to win this super cute and exclusive Churpie by tweeting why you should win it, including the hashtag #pxdkittychurp

View all the current tweets here:

The giveaway for #pxdkittychurp will end on 23rd March, 11:59PM
I'll choose a winner randomly!
You can tweet MORE THAN ONCE to increase yr chances too! :)

I think that girls would be more interested in this because the Churpie's super cute and girls usually cannot resist cute things ^~^

It's ending tomorrow, so good luck!

Thanks for reading,
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hey can i know where you buy your denim vest in this post? ^^ thanks

Anonymous said...

actually.. since u have the figure & nice complexion, u can model for clothes. why not?
nice leh, i like the idea.