Monday, March 26, 2012

The Line

My sis treated my family to a buffet at The Line at Shangri-La Hotel the other day! :)
It came up to about $70 - $80 per person, not a price you'd want to pay on normal days,
but the place is definitely awesome for extremely special occasions!

Plus Mothers' day is coming!
You guys may want to give your mums a real good treat for all her hard work :)

Anyway, this is going to sound really cheapskate but....
Hahahaha I love buffets!
I'm the kind who can miraculously double or triple my appetite at buffets cause everything is free flow, lol!

Anyway, because it's at Shangri-La Hotel, you can definitely be assured of the food quality there :)
They have all sorts of cuisines so you'll surely enjoy a good spread!
In fact, you'd be spoilt for choice like I was, haha!
Even their desserts were SOOOO good, omg.

Didn't manage to take a picture of everything though,
I was too excited to eat, sorry! :X

The Line
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Tel: +65 6213 4275

I have no idea how many of these fresh oysters I ate hahaha it's crazily fresh and my family took plates and plates of it and finished them all :X

Oh gawd and look at that slab of perfectly medium rare beef!
Super juicy and yummy!
It's like eating a steak on its own and I actually took 2 for myself....
I was really really bloated after that LOL

Another one of my favourites at buffets :D
I always go for the fresh seafood and meat cause I don't want to waste my tummy space on stuff like rice, salads or fruits :p

One of the many plates of fresh oysters we took!

Some camwhoring after dinner!
I'm using the Hot Pink
Casio EX-ZR200, check their website out here:

Sequins tube dress from :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!


3H7 said...

looking extra pretty <.<

Anonymous said...

^^ hugs

1004 said...

ahhh im so jealous! i used to go there too! back when i used to live in singapore :(