Thursday, March 8, 2012

Orange Soda

Not sure if you guys realised, but I actually did change my blog layout :)
After 12 hours of struggling with the blinding HTML codes since 4a.m the other day. with no help from anyone cause everyone was asleep,
I'm quite satisfied with it! :)

Actually I took hell of a long time because I had no prior knowledge with HTML codes so it was a wreck at first.
Tons of trials and errors, tons of frustrations and tons of disappointments.
But it's all worth it, to me :)

Hopefully everyone would like this more than the previous one!

Also, I've separated the advertorials section from the main blog posts section so that it wouldn't be as confusing when you're reading through the older posts.
I really hope this arrangement makes it better :)

Anyway, do follow me on my twitter cause I usually do most of my updates (about new blog posts, new tumblr posts, new instagram pictures etc) there :)

Will be back to blog a longer post real soon!
Do wait for it :)

In the mean time, some camwhoring shots! :X

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!

mindfcuk said...

what kind of contacts are you using in these pictures? :)

† Wanling said...

Prefer the old one so much more @Screamkitty!!