Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playhouse Diary

Each weekend is always like a mini holiday to get away from work, stress, drama, sadness and all.

I'd usually like to shut my phones off or neglect them for awhile and just do the things I like without having to account to anyone.

Last weekend my dad booked a family room at Resorts World and we stayed over for a few days.
It was surprisingly relaxing, like a real overseas trip, without having to incur the heavy costs of air tickets or worrying about making accidental international phone calls :)

The room literally looked like a playhouse! It had a double decker bed, provided colorful comfy blankets and it was painted in red and blue :)

It definitely put me in such a good mood I didn't feel like coming home at all!

Martin was there with us :)
Thank god for weekends! It's the only time ever that I get to see him..
Anyway check out Family Guy on the computer screen haha!

And it was time to explore!

Cause there was this new Malaysian Food Street, we decided to give it a try!

My lil' brother who towers over me..

And my elder sister :)

To tell you guys the truth, I've always envied how pretty she looks even without make up!

My brother was super hyped up over the thought of "chicken rice balls" before we tried it
but to our disappointment, it really wasn't as good as we expected.
It had a sticky texture very much like that of our bazhang (Chinese rice dumplings)
I think I'd prefer the usual chicken rice to this anytime.
The chicken meat and the chilli was awesome though!

Their Ba Kut Teh was to die for!
It was sooo rich and fragrant I was so tempted to get a second serving!

Yummy fried hokkien mee :)
My boyfriend told me the Malaysian version of hokkien mee has dark sauce in it so it doesn't look quite like the Singaporean version. It tasted good still!

Guess whose hands were these?

Greedy boys looking as people making siew baos, lol!

And even after all that food, we went to Big Easy for a steak (which disappeared into our tummies even before I could whip out my camera) and also buffalo wings.
This marked the start of our insane buffalo wings and beef marathon... you'll see later on.

Our itinerary was pretty much eat, sleep, eat and sleep.
We got really lazy the second day and stayed in the hotel room blasting the air con for the entire day.

What better way to entertain myself than taking pictures! :p

And of course we had to eat!
That's when in-room dining came to the picture :)
We ordered this thrice during our stay at the hotel because we were SO lazy hahah!

Hot & Spicy wings which tasted a lot like buffalo wings, so this was our second round of it!

I love how vain my boyfriend is, lol!
This is why he is also my best friend ;)

On the final day, we needed a big meal to give us a good closure.
Resorts World has pretty much some of the best western food restaurants I've tasted so picking a good one out of random is no problem!
This time we went to Chilli's :)

Gorgeous deco, awesome food, lovely ambiance, what is there not to love?

We were really spoilt for choice!
We didn't know what to order and all we knew was that we were starving and we needed food, fast!

This steak was prepared to perfection!
We always ask for medium-rare for steaks, and not many restaurants can deliver.
Even some renowned ones have served us well-done instead of the bloody medium-rare we specifically requested for, so kudos to Chilli's! You've won yourself a loyal customer :)

More buffalo wings? :)
This reminds me, I need to get to Sunset Grill and try that level 30 wings so many people have been talking about and get my tummy burnt one of these days!

Baby back ribs.
I'm not a fan of ribs cause it reminds me of Bat Kut Teh so I don't usually associate it with western food, but at least it was soft and the sauce was good :)

I think this was Nachos with cheese and jalapeno on it!
My brother likes anything that has jalapeno in it cause it sounds challenging.
In case you didn't know, that deceiving green jalapeno pepper is motherfucking god damned spicy!

And then our sweet-tooth called and needed to be satisfied.

Have you guys tried this?
Peanut Butter cups!
From the amount we bought, you can tell that my family's quite obsessed with this..

And that marks the end of the Playhouse Diary!
It was fun having a short getaway over the weekends without even travelling out of Singapore.. hope I'll get to do it again soon :)

Before I end this post, I want to share with you guys this Nutella & Go snack!
I bought it from Vivocity's Candy Empire and it is THE best thing ever!!!

It tastes even better than yanyan and I bought 6 of it at one go and I finished it already :(
Gah. Need to get more of it soon!
It sells at $3.90 each and it's selling out real quick.
So if you're a chocolate / nutella lover, all of the times you craved for a nutella snack looking at them via tumblr or 9gag can finally come true :)


Thanks for reading, love you all!


Serenie said...

Love the lollypop tree!

graceoyx said...

Other than the sunset grill, there is another one at sembawang area!! damn yumsz!