Friday, March 16, 2012

SEOUL Restaurant

If you want good food and don't wish to wait too long, be strategic and go to the restaurant at 5pm,
the time when you're hungry and the time when people aren't queuing in line yet.
That's what we did the other day at SEUOL Restaurant at CHIJMES.

SEOUL Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant
30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996
Tel: 6338 8548

Their meat is quite pricey (probably $30 a plate) but definitely worth indulging in once in awhile :)

Pork neck! This is extremely sinful (cause of the fatty meat) but super yummy!
Not for the health conscious :p

Kimchi pancake!
This you HAVE TO try! It's damn good!
How can you go to a Korean restaurant without eating anything kimchi-related? :p

Oh and they also served side dishes such as kimchi and dried seaweed and it's refillable and free :)
Great to go with plain rice!

More meat with perfect marbling!!!
My immense love for meat makes me wonder why I wasn't born a tiger or lion or some carnivorous animal.. hmm.

We also ordered this kimchi soup which is extremely refreshing!
If you love kimchi and all things spicy, this is perfect because it's literally "drinkable" kimchi sauce! Hahah, not too saltish too!
It made my brother order 3 bowls of rice.. so yeah :x

And they served us a complimentary green tea ice cream as dessert :)

Super super patient, efficient and friendly staff they've got there which made the whole experience even better.
You can actually press a button when you need assistance and we counted, it only takes them 6 seconds on average to attend to us after we pressed it!
Talk about good service standards! :D

I'd say per pax would be about $30 (and you'd feel really full already), which is really reasonable for the high standards in food quality, ambiance and quality.
And with regards to the first tip I left you all in this post, you'd better believe it cause when we left at 8.30pm this was what we saw outside the restaurant :X

Thanks for reading!
Love you all!

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