Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hi guys! Pearlyn & Rachell needs your help!

I knew Pearlyn through my Formspring when people kept telling me "you look like Per Koh"...
And then we first met when we did the BF video together (I'm not working for them anymore btw)....

And recently, Pearlyn got me to join this competition by AsiaRooms to be Singapore's Next Social Travel Star with her and we did a room review of each other's rooms for our entry! :)

Here's us in my room with my flag as back drop! :)

So now, we got shortlisted as Top 10 but that's not the end yet T~T

We need to gather votes now
But I promise this time, NO SPAM VOTING NEEDED! (thank god!!!!)
You only need to vote ONCE and it's done hehe!

And this part is really important because our competitors are all super ang moh pai and eloquent and I think I'm the most Singlish person in the whole competition, EVER hahahaha
And our competitors are like....... Dawn Yang & many others....

So competition is damn tough for us..
But if you guys would like to vote for us, here's how! :)

Plus, when you vote for your favorite team, you stand a chance to win a FREE stay at a hotel of your choice!
Not bad right?
No need to spam, so everyone stands a fair chance to win the lucky draw! :)

Step 1:
First, go to AsiaRooms' Facebook page and Like them

Step 2:
After you've Liked, click on the Vote Now button!

Step 3:
Watch the video of all the teams calling for votes if you'd like..... ours is from 2:46 onwards
Don't watch other people's one lah LOLOL

Anyway I have some explaining to do here.....
actually, a lot of explaining to do :X

We dressed up sluttily (with the dog collar and gloves) cause we were TRYING TO look like some SM thing
and I was TRYING DAMN HARD to talk in the low sexy voice (you guys know how pitchy my voice is)
cause we were playing on the word SM = Social Media :p

So please don't call me/us sluts cause of this one video okay hahah
we wanted to stand out from all the other happy chirpy entries calling for votes from the other teams


Step 4:
Click on "Pearlyn & Rachell"

Step 5:
You can SEE MY ROOM in this video!!! :D

People have always asked me for a room tour but I haven't packed my room nice enough for me to show it off yet.... so now's your chance to see it LOL

But please don't be disappointed, it does look a lot better in pictures than in real life, don't say I never warn you hor hahah

More explaining to do...
The "Superstar DJ" and "Celebrity Blogger" thing was out of fun cause we were feeling EXTREMELY UNABASHED while filling up the application form the other day :X
Just a disclaimer that I actually NEVER EVER call myself that and I think it's a damn buay paiseh way to label yourself unless it's a title given by others....
But I really couldn't possibly have put my occupation as "Unemployed person with a blog" (although it's true) right :/
The judges would totally kick me off first round lol
So we must ACT super sibeh zai... act yi ge only :X

Okay so once again, don't fault us for that and I hope you guys will enjoy the video!

And remember to click VOTE NOW when you're done!

Step 6:
Fill up the following details to vote
Each I/C number can only vote ONCE
But if you really want to win the FREE stay at a hotel of your choice,
you could probably get your family's particulars to vote as well :)

Yay and it's done!
I hope one of you will win the Free Stay at the hotel!!!

And please remember to vote for Pearlyn & Rachell!

Here's the AsiaRooms website to vote if you're lazy to scroll up:

Thanks for bearing with this post, I love you all!!! :)