Saturday, April 21, 2012


Caught the Avengers' press premiere the other day, thanks to Nuffnang! :)
Unfortunately as there were limited seats, I went alone

BUT the movie was SOOOOO intense and exciting I was so glad I watched it alone so I don't have to talk to anyone or answer them during the movie (sometimes it happens)! LOL

And The Avengers is now one of my all-time favourite movies, ever!
Along with Avatar, How to train your dragon, Thor, Transformers etc etc
I think I actually quite like action films with all those non-human(?) elements hahah


I always like the good guys in story books, films, tv shows all~
I think that bad guys are too complicated (especially those in Korean dramas) and my brain can't click with them and I can't comprehend why would want to plan shit to destroy other people either.
LOL ikr i'm so uncool and old-fashioned...... BUT I LIKE IT ^~^

Anyway, the movie was absolutely mind blowing and amazing because we got to see all the classic superheroes like Captain America and Iron Man all in the same show!

1 hot/ handsom/ pretty superhero in 1 movie = $10+ per ticket
7 hot / handsome / pretty superheroes in 1 movie = $10+ per ticket

Worth the $$$$$$ right! :p

But even with all the expected action packed scenes,
the movie managed to incorporate humour into the plot, which I think makes the movie suitable and appealing to people of all ages and gender.

The graphics were also extremely realistic and impressive, definitely worth watching more than once.
And I would definitely recommend watching it in cinemas cause the experience would be a whole lot more exciting :D

In all, the movie was absolutely breath-taking and I loved it!

Some people getting interviewed after the movie~
And Xiaxue and Nat Ho were there too!!!!
I saw them when they got interviewed but I rushed to the toilet to pee after the movie and went back to peek at them but they left already :(
Better luck next time! *pats back*

Favourite character: THOR!!!!!
Yes I guess it's cause he's hot and good looking
but I also like Thor cause he is damn funny!!!!
Cause he's like a god or deity so the way he speaks to other people is damn funny

I remembered this conversation from the movie which made me laugh out :p

Thor: He (Loki) is my brother!!!
Black Widow: And he killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: ....and he's also adopted :X


Second Favourite character: Captain America
Cause he has a crazily hot body, charming smile, and he's supposed to be like a gabillion years old in the movie and I like older men hahahahahahahah
jk but the fact that he's way older and therefore blur about modern stuff is damn cute too

And omg, I was staring at Iron man's eyes the whole time.
He may not be as cute as Thor or Captain America but HIS EYES ARE GORGEOUSLY HUGE!

I also like Black Widow cause she spoke some foreign language (damn sexy!) in the movie but I wish she had cooler weapons!!!!
Girls with cool weapons = cooler than guys :p
And she made me miss my red/orangey hair!

Hawk Eye is cool cause the name itself sounds cool hahah

I actually would have liked the Hulk a lot cause I would personally prefer a big buff guy to a real skinny lanky one, but I'm happy enough to see Thor and Captain America :p
Sorry Hulk~~~ hahah

And Loki!
Loki is the bad guy (in Thor the movie) but he looks cute in Avengers!
Like a poor traumatized demented child kind of cute..... okay don't ask me why that's cute hahahah

Here's the official trailer to get you excited! :)

My feelings right after the movie........

That awkward moment when you have to return to your ordinary life after watching an awesome movie...... T~T

Hahah but it's okay, I'M GOING TO WATCH IT AGAIN! In 3D I hope!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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