Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beauti Instinct #6

It's been some time since I blogged about my progress with the facial place I go to, Beauti Instinct.

Just to clear up, previously I ranted on twitter (when I was PMSing, oops my bad) about my skin being clogged and was upset that the facial place didn't extract my face, and some people thought I said that the facial place wasn't good.
After which I ALSO tweeted to clarify after Auntie Rita (the owner) explained to me that they cannot do extraction on my face because they are doing chemical treatment for that particular session,
and if they did extract it would cause a lot of burn marks and all (which had some down time).
Also, the chemicals are used to penetrate through the layers of the skin to drive the impurities to the surface so it'll be easier to remove them during the next facial session(s).
So I hope this is clear to everyone in case you miss out on the later tweets!
Yes, I'm still going to Beauti Instinct for facials :)

Moving on, I went for facial the other day at Beauti Instinct and Auntie Rita recommended the Radiance Whitening Treatment and Eye Resurfacing Roller Therapy to me.

Basically because of stress and late nights recently, from the CNOS competition I joined especially haha, my face looks extremely dark and dull.
Like if I'd went to the fortune teller he/she'd tell me that my forehead has some dark aura or something lol (not a good thing).

I'll show you guys the difference between the after-before first!
***Click for bigger image!

Less obvious dark eye circles
Pores appear smaller
Brighter skin

Brighter looking skin
More radiant compared to dull and oily (eww)
Dark eye circles less obvious

Brighter looking skin
Less oily
Pimple marks less obvious
Red bumps on face less raised

What is Eye Resurfacing Roller Therapy like?
Basically, the staff will use a tiny roller (super cute!!) to infuse the serum into the skin around your eyelids, apply a damn good eye mask and also a super warm and comfortable eye massage!
The purpose of this treatment is that it maximizes the result of growth factors, botanical stem cell extracts, and bio-peptides to improve dark circle, eye bag puffiness, and fine lines.
It also gives a calming and moisturizing effect.
For me, results can be seen after 1 session and my dark circles (which were super super bad) became less obvious! Happy~~~

***They are also having a promotional trial price for this:
Usual price @ S$299.00
Now Trial @ S$169.00

What about the Radiance Whitening Treatment?
As you can see from the pictures, this treatment was really effective for me!
By the way, I tried to get the lighting as close as possible to the facial place's lighting already to keep the review fair.
It is quite obvious that my skin became more radiant and the pores (especially) were not so obvious after the treatment! :)
Every girl likes to look whiter and more radiant cause nobody likes dull yellowy skin and looking like a drabby housewife.
This treatment is based on the most advanced skin whitening technology from Spain.
Radiance Whitening Treatment acts directly on the mechanisms that form dark spots using an innovative formula that unifies the complexion, regulates the production of melanin, fades dark spots and helps prevent new ones from forming.
Skin looks radiant, fairer with an even smooth and refined texture.
For me, you can see some results in just one session!!! :)

***Mention PXDKITTY & enjoy a trial session for
ONLY S$ 199.00
Usual price @ S$ 333.00 (Save $134!!!)

Offer’s valid till end May 2012
Do remember to book appointments early cause they are very high in demand haha!

Beauti Instinct
Phone & Opening Hours
Contact (main line):
+65 6733 9149

545 orchard road #03-14 far east shopping centre singapore 238882

Business hour: 11am - 10pm (Monday to Friday)
11am - 8pm (Saturday)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

A full bare face photo AFTER the facial! :)
Not perfect (quite impossible for people to have flawless skin) yet but I'm lovin' it!
It's waaaaay better than before facial and I always look forward to facials cause I know my face will look nicer after it :p

And of course, me with make up!!! :)
After the facial, it was SO much easier for me to apply my foundation because the pores became tighter and my skin in general became smoother and less bumpy!

Also, please look out for my next post on the Finale of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation competition! :D
For those who have taken a picture with me/us that day, please tweet or email me the picture so that I can post it up on my blog and credit your twitter/blog for the pic.
Thank you!!!

Thank you for reading!
Let's all strive for pretty skins!!
Love you all! :D


Anonymous said...

congratulations for winning the competition!

Anonymous said...

HI, may i know what makeup products do you use for your skin? Looks so nice and natural!