Thursday, April 26, 2012

Casio EX-ZR200 Review

Today I'll be sharing my personal review on the new Casio EX-ZR200!
I love the one I have cause it's metallic hot Pink (they call it Red though)!!!
And please don't expect a very professional review full of technical terms....
I'm a very shallow simple female.
Basically, I go for cameras that make me look pretty HAHAHAHAH
Admit it, it's true!

Number one reason why I love this camera, it's hot pink and IT LOOKS GOOD IN PHOTOS.
It doesn't only make me look good, the camera itself looks pretty too!
So no big obiang black bulky cameras in the reflection along with your pretty self :p

Number two reason why I love this camera, THE PREMIUM AUTO MODEEEEE.
The best ever genius mode ever invented.
Cause it recognises which mode it should be in,
whether it's an outdoor shot, night mode, portrait shot etc and it automatically adjusts the settings to bring out the best in your photos! :)

My favourite? The portrait mode of course!
Cause it makes your skin ultra super smooth and flawless even WITHOUT photoshop!
To me, this makes the Casio EX-ZR200 the BEST camwhoring camera I've ever had!!!!
I would recommend this to EVERY girl who loves to take pictures of themselves but are conscious of eyebags, dull-looking skin or other flaws appearing in pictures.
I feel you dear, I have them too and I'm lazy to photoshop them all the time :(
But with this camera, I can be very sure that my skin will look x10 times better than it really is :p HEHEH

Compare the photos above taken with the Casio EX-ZR200, with the one below taken with a DSLR.
Personally I prefer the ones ABOVE cause it makes my skin look glowly, soft and supple, whereas the DSLR-taken pic below just looks... normal. Hahah :X

The Casio EX-ZR200 is an improved version of ZR100, the White camera I previously blogged a ton of posts about and LOVED.
This means that I love the Casio EX-ZR200 more than the ZR100 lah! :p
Basically the functions are about the same, but the ZR200 boasts of an EVEN faster shutter speed (0.27seconds) than the ZR100.
I was impressed by the ZR1oo, but the shutter speed of ZR200 was seriously mind blowing.
Most of the time I don't even know I took a picture hahah!
Need some getting used to cause it's really SUPER CRAZILY QUICK.
*ahem* Good for paparazzi shots or STOMPing people too, LOL
But for camwhoring, this is extremely important cause you won't have to stare at the camera lens for a few seconds waiting for the picture to be taken cause sometimes your expression will end up super unnatural.

The following pictures were taken with flash!
Even with the flash on, the camera will digitally enhance your skin to make it look softer and smoother!!!
No photoshop needed!
Except the filters cause I like editing the colours of my pictures HEHEH

Dear Casio Exilim EX-ZR200, I love you so much thank you for making my gorgeous hair look EVEN BETTER in pictures!!!!

Also, the ZR200 has a new feature, which is the Blurred Background / Wide Shot, that provides depth of field images akin to a DSLR.
I am super excited to try this out and will share the pictures on this space! :)

Some other pictures I've taken with the ZR200:

HDR-ART mode

My verdict so far?
It's the BEST camwhoring camera I've ever seen!
I have 2 other cameras at home and they probably cost twice the price of the ZR200, but they CAN'T beat this when it comes to self-shots!
It's affordable, light weight, extremely convenient to bring around, not bulky, looks super pretty even without blings etc, takes pictures real quick, MAKES YOU LOOK EXTREMELY RADIANT AND PRETTY....
what's there not to love? ;)
It's a camera that every girl SHOULD have!

If you're interested to find out more about the Casio cameras (they all have super cute and pretty designs btw),
do visit Casio Exilim Singapore's Facebook page:

Here's a video about the ZR200 I found on YouTube which I thought was nice to watch.
Although it's in Japanese, I think you can roughly know what they're talking about!! :)
Plus you can watch the camera in action!

Thanks for reading, love you all! :)

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