Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation: Challenge 3

Weeks ago, Peishi and I joined the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation competition and have completed 2 challenges since.
And today's blogpost will be the 3rd and final challenge, the results will soon be announced
and our fates will be sealed forever....

Hahah okay lah not so dramatic :p
But honestly so far I'm actually really really glad we joined the competition!
Because of this, Peishi and I got to whatsapp and Skype a lot, meet up a lot (usually we're just lazy and unmotivated to go out LOL), laugh a lot, shop and eat a lot...

But of course, life is not always about rainbows and butterflies...
During this period, some of the most ridiculous things happened which caused quite a lot of anger, hatred and heartaches for us and many other people as well..

But at the end of it,
it's important to know who are the ones who will stick by you, love you and trust you in times of adversity.
And I'm extremely proud to say that I found the right team mate :)

(And of course Noah, but he was too lazy to create a blog so he didn't join us but he was there with us most of the time we did the challenges. So thank you, bruh!!!)

I'm glad I'm in this with Peishi, and whether or not we win (but obviously we hope to win, just like everyone else would hope for), I hope the bond we built for the past weeks won't fade.


So Peishi and I agreed to do 2 different styles for this Fashion challenge so that we won't have repetitions in our videos :)
We decided that I would do the a more tough/ edgy/ grunge kind of outfit, and she would do a sweeter and more fun look.

It goes like this:
I would style her + myself to suit my edgy theme,
and she would pick the clothes for me + herself to suit her casual-sweet theme :)
So we will have a total of 4 different outfits!

Enough said, watch my fashion video NOW!! :)
P.S. I know 7 minutes seems really long, but please stay till the end, I promise you it's worth it:
7 fashion/shopping tips plus where to find all the gorgeous clothes at Cineleisure!
And of course, stick around to check out our outfits at the end :)

Here are the pictures we took!

The Level One pushcart which I got my tank top and Peishi got her crop top from :)
We had some problems initially because the staff didn't want to let us film and she called up her boss and I spoke to her boss (watch the video at the end of this post, LOL)

Level Two's Beadstreet, which everyone knows of by now :)
They have all the coolest and cheapest accessories, ever!!!
I also got those black sex bands from here which I wore but you can't see it in the video so I didn't list it out.

Got my earrings for the outfit from there!

Camwhoring at the third level outside The Editor's Market....
So far I haven't been able to resist this mirror at all, not even once :X

The accessories at FEMMEX.
From their loud electric pink metallic carriers to their awesome clothes and accessories to their shop's beautiful interior to their super friendly and helpful staff, wahhh :)

HEHEH do you know which part of Cineleisure this is?
We took our video here!

My feminine look styled by Peishi :)
Remember to read her blog after you're done with mine to check out her fashion video and blogpost as well! :D

K.O.A.S.'s Edgy Biker Chick Look
Styled by me :)

What I wore:
Silver earrings from Beadstreet ($0.90 each)
Studded Leather Jacket from FEMMEX ($109)
Spiked chain necklace, my own but you can get similar ones at Beadstreet
Printed Tank top worn as dress from level one push cart ($12)
Sex bands from Beadstreet
Inspired McQueen Hell's Angel knuckle duster ring, my own
H&M Inspired Black Suede Wedges, my own

For my look, I invested quite a big sum on the studded leather jacket because I LOVED how loud and dramatic it looks!
The kind that will turn heads when you walk past in it :)
Great for days when I feel like acting like some superstar hahah
(Disclaimer: I never say that I am, I just want to act like one on some days. Same logic as wearing shades LOL)
Plus, I figured that it would be way more expensive if I bought it from some other brands (not going to name drop~) so I decided to get it eventually!

And of course, with such a statement piece to bring up the value of your entire outfit, the rest of your outfit can just be any other tank top and it'll still look stylish, just like how I wore mine!
So this is an additional tip to save money even on dress up days!

One expensive jacket + 3 other expensive things on you = looks expensive
One expensive jacket + 3 other cheap things on you = STILL looks expensive

So save while you can! :D

What Peishi wore:
Cross Ear Studs from Beadstreet ($0.90 each)
Leather Jacket from FEMMEX ($75)
Basic black tank top, her own
Motifs Necklace from FEMMEX ($25)
Ripped Denim Shorts, her own
Studded boots, her own

Likewise, same rule applied for Peishi's edgy biker chick outfit :)

One awesome quality outer piece to make the entire look more expensive!

And for some reason, both of us had the same strong liking for the leather jackets
and decided to buy them for ourselves, and also for this competition!
Yay for telepathy!

Also, leather jackets are somewhat timeless pieces,
it looks impressive and stylish whether or not it's in trend so I'd say it's a pretty good investment for the both of us :)

But please don't get sick of seeing them if we keep wearing them for the next few blogposts okay hahah
admit that sometimes when you're excited about something new you'll just keep wearing it too, lol!

Pictures credit to Noah who joined us at the end and helped us take some pictures and videos! :)

And even in such a tough looking oufit......
we won't forget our team's pose!

If you're still going strong and not bored of my looong post yet,
here are some behind the scenes, some bloopers of our Cineleisure fashion adventure as well as some sexy dancing by Noah.

By the way, I will take this chance to explain our team name.
Kitty = pxdKITTY
Spaceship = speiship = @speishi = soh peishi

So the video title is "Kitty NUA-ing On A Spaceship" because Noah (nua) said that if he had joined us for this competition, that would be our team name, lol.

This last part is for all of you guys who voted for us, helped get others to vote for us, shared our blog links, tweeted us good luck, Liked our videos /pictures /statuses or commented our posts words of encouragement :')
We really appreciate every single one of you and I wish we could thank you all enough!
May all the good things be graced upon all you kind and beautiful people~~~

And (choychoy touch wood) even if we don't win eventually, I will still continue to blog hard so please watch this space! :)

Love you all, thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

hey Rachell!

whr did u get the top u wore to shop at cine from? the denim w white top!


Anonymous said...

You look cool wearing the leather jacket(:
Peishi and Noah very compatible(:

Anonymous said...

Where did u get your top :) LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed ur post & videos, rachell!
rock on! hope u win.

Anonymous said...

What video editing software did you and peishi use for your videos? Your video was really well done!

Angel said...

Hi, can i know where did you purchase the denim top in this post? Thanks!:)