Monday, April 23, 2012

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation (Finale)

After one month of stress, tears, sleepless nights editing pictures, long blogposts,
and of course joy, laughter, bonding, countless dates at Cineleisure, awesome food, pretty clothes, kick ass Hunger Games movie,
the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation came to an end :')

And two days before the finale event, we were informed that we had to DANCE/SING/DO A SKIT to represent ourselves in front of everyone at Cineleisure as the Fourth Challenge....
Peishi and I freaked out O.O

Cause we weren't sure if they would consider this into the total score so we were panicking like mad T~T
In the end we decided to do Typical Singaporean Parents Part 2
(we previously did a Part 1 and put it on YouTube, click HERE to watch it)
cause we were aware that we can't dance nor are we musically inclined, LOL

Decided to wear something comfortable cause I didn't want to perspire like a mad bitch on stage or wear something really tight squeezing me all over cause I'd look super awkward I know hahah

Peishi and I arranged to meet at 11am to prepare for our skit.......
but we ended up meeting at 2 (what's new LOL), discussed over lunch till 3 and Noah joined us
and we practiced till 3.45 and went to our seats cause the event was starting at 4!!! *panic*

Our hanate pose...
Hahah I know he'll never see this but thank you so much Hanate (Ryan Higa) for inspiring us such that whenever people told us to pose, we always knew what to do v^-^v

Chairs with our names on it!!!
Wahhhh :D happy happy happy!!!
We were super excited when we saw these! LOL
Hahaha sorry I'm damn suaku I've never had a chair with my name on it before :p

And cause we reached early, we got to take a picture with QiuQiu, one of the Star Judges!! :)
She's extremely friendly to everyone, supportive of all our performances even if we're not that zai, she clapped for EVERYONE, laughed at all our lame jokes, and she's extremely humble!!!

Noah's solo shot haha!

I bought this ring at scape flea that day, $3 only!
All of Noah's fans should buy this cause it says I♥NY hahah

Picture with bbylove ^~^

We took a lot of pictures with many other people and I will upload it in another post and dedicate to you all
cause I know some people haven't sent it to me yet heheh ^~^

And then the event started!!!!
We were the second team to perform and everything happened really quick..
before we knew it, we were back on our seats trying to digest what just happened :X
Noah wanted to be a part of our performance as well hahah!
See, he was there with us from the start of the competition till the very end :')

Anyway, this was our skit for those who missed it! :)
Thank you to the sweetheart who recorded and uploaded it for us! ♥

Team Shutter!

Brad, aka LadyIronChef, who was also another one of the 3 Star Judges speaking on stage :)
The host, Soo Wei, asked each of the three judges to talk a bit on stage during intervals of our performances and something which Brad said left a deep impression.

You should do things not for the money or fame that comes out of it, but because you enjoy what you are doing. That way, you're more likely to succeed.

Not direct quote but it was something along those lines ^~^

More of Noah cause he had my camera with him and helped us take a lot of pictures,
so must post his pictures here also :)
Thanks bruh!

And when QiuQiu went on stage, we (actually I asked hehe :x) asked if she should sing "他不爱我" by Karen Mok for us like her recent Karaoke video
and she was very steady and did an acoustic cover of it!!! XD
Damn nice, but I was taking pictures and forgot to record it, so i've embedded her own YouTube video instead ^~^

Now I'm addicted to this song, replaying it x999999 while blogging this LOL

Zoe Raymond, another of the 3 Star Judges presenting Ruth Miao Ru, with her prize for Top 3 Most impressive self-introduction performance! :)
Sorry if this sounds tiko but Peishi and I were like "whoa Zoe's figure is damn nice!!"

Ruth is a local singer and will be coming up with her own EP soon.
She sang for her performance and melted many people's heart with her soothing voice ^~^
May I add that Noah is in love with her singing~

Kitty On A Spaceship also won Top 3 most impressive self-introduction performance with our Typical Singaporean Parents 2!! Yay!! :D

There were other groups that performed really well too!
Everyone who turned up put in effort but here's a shout out to those that really left an impression on me:

Pamela from Sphinxx for singing 2NE1's Lonely and memorizing all the steps to Roly Poly!!! :D
Fenni from Y.D.F for singing a Korean song (idk the name) with her mind-blowing and super powerful voice!
Odwin Natalino for being so adorable with his self-introduction, he was really shy but seriously damn cute ^~^
Benda and Maisie from Mootodles for putting in a lot of effort making their own version of the song L.O.V.E
Jacqueline and Desiree from PETITEXMODELS for having the best cat walk, you girls have a lot of potential and will definitely grow up to be professional models!

And then we realized that the Fourth Challenge wasn't counted in the total score of the winners of the CNOS....
And then they were going to announce the winners now ~~~~
Heart was beating super crazily fast....

But first, here's Noah and DanialRon (I like to call him baby dan! LOL check out his YouTube video and you'll know why!) ^~^

They called the top 3 teams onto the stage - Kitty On A Spaceship, Ruth and Taffi

Before they announced the results, they asked us to say a few words,
and we said we're extremely thankful for this competition because I got to bond a lot with Peishi and we're now like sisters :) :)
And also we gave a shout out to Noah who was there at every single one of our challenge, even when watching Hunger Games, and also being a part of our skit! ^~^

After which, they crowned Ruth the Overnight Sensation because she improved the most throughout this competition and also second place! :)
You will be seeing her face on Cineleisure's posters as well!

And then it was Third place and First place..... Peishi and I were like damn nervous on stage holding each other's hands waiting for the winner to be announced.....

And they peeled the cover to reveal the winner.....

(pic credit to Peishi's blog)


Kitty On A Spaceship won!!!!!

And best part was QiuQiu helping both of us put on the sash and all 3 judges coming on to stage and telling us congratulations!!
Super super happy at this point I almost cried!!! ALMOST!!

(pic credit to Peishi's blog)

Sudden blooper,
a huge mouse mascot came to crash the event and I made a funny expression which Peishi kept laughing at when she saw the picture..... LOL

(pic credit to Peishi's blog)

All my life I've never had my name or face printed on anything!
And on Saturday I got my name printed on a chair and my face on a big board omg!!!!!
I wanted to scream and jump and dance around even if I couldn't dance nicely
(but on stage I act chill only.......*#&(@*&#(*@#)

Super happy x)
In that instant I was crazily overwhelmed with emotions!!!
Relief cause it's all over now, gratitude to everyone who helped and encouraged us, joy because I think my mummy would be really happy and I really wished she was there on that day etcetc... ^~^

(pic credit to Peishi's blog)

We look so unglam but we look super happy so never mind hehe ^~^

Top 3 teams (minus Taffi cause they couldn't make it that day) and the Star Judges :D

All the teams plus judges :D :D
Thank you to all the teams who put in so much effort,
thank you to the organizers Cineleisure and Nuffnang for hosting this event
thank you to the Star Judges QiuQiu, Zoe Raymond and Brad (LadyIronChef) for all your efforts in looking through all the entries
and a huge thank you to everyone else who made this event possible!

And then they disturb us ask us to pose like the picture, LOL!

And Noah came onto the stage to hug us and he said "Told you guys you could do it!!"
BITCHHHHHH make me cry bitchhhhh!!!

Ahhhhhh these two little fellas with all their crazy funny antics who always make me feel like a naggy babysitter when I'm out with them are the people I wish to keep in my life forever x')

Naomi turned up as well to support us but she had to leave early,

Some puffy swollen eyed pics from here onwards, lol!

Thank you to baby dan for coming down to support and helping us take so many nice pictures!!!!

And thank you to EVERYONE who came down to support us, voted for us, RT for us, shout out for us, encouraged us, believed in us, helped us trend and helped us in one way or another!!!
Next posts I will post all your pictures and credit your twitter/blog hehe promise! ^~^

Noah started to self-high the moment they played some clubbing music hahah

With my darling baby love :')
You're like the little sister I never had, the most important girl in my life!!! ^~^
Thank you for letting me be your jiejie and whatsapping me everyday!!!
I hope that our bond will grow even stronger from now on :'D


With the super fun group of nuffies!!! :)
From left to right:
and Lydia who helped us take the pictures! ^~^

Look what they sent me hahaha!!!
They disturb our pose also LOL!!!


Hehehehe my super sweet baby came at 7 when the event ended LOL!!!
Cause he had outfield and booked out in the morning and I told him to go home and rest first!
Thank you for still coming down to Cine to see me although you were dead tired I know :')
And thank you for encouraging me, sayang-ing me when I am stressed, believing in me when I was afraid and thank you for loving me alwayssss :'D

And I forced him to take a picture with our banner thing hahaha

Me: "baby pose with that"
Martin: *gives dao face*
Me: "smile~~"
Martin: *gives a little smile*

Me: Noooo, smile more!
Martin: *big cute smile*

ahhhhhhh~~~ *melt* ^~^

And then Martin treated all of us to dinner to congratulate us hehehe!!! :D
Thank you baby love!!!

Two most important boys in my life!

LOL Martin's handsome face and Noah's funny face, lol!
I'm so used to seeing Noah's funny faces I'm afraid I'd forget Noah's normal face some day hahaha

And then we went to pat tor!!! :D
Pat tor days are extremely special for us because I only get to see him on the weekends so I try to push everything I have away for him heheh ^~^

Anyway, this oversized "YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO TWEET ME" tee from TOPMAN is actually Martin's.
I like to wear his clothes to make me feel like he's with me, and I chose to wear this cause I wanted him to feel like he was a part of this important day with me!!! :)
Plus it was really comfortable HAHAH

At Leftfoot buying a new pair of boots for Martin! :)

Thank you for reading till the end of this super long post!
I can't thank everyone enough for this extremely special event!!!!

As promised, I will be doing some kickass DIY post for you guys, probably an online drama series with Peishi and Noah, big big giveaways & more!!! :)

(plus I'm giving Peishi and Noah one camera worth $599 EACH for them to give away, GOOD TO BE MY FRIEND RIGHT? WANNA BE MY FRIEND? HEHEHE)

Thank you for all your continuous support and do wait for those things that I mentioned! :D
Love you all!


あいか♡ said...

congratulations on winning ! (●´◡`●)♡
i recently discovered your blog and i'm loving it ! love your photography/style/afsghjss everything ! ! ♥(◍ ´꒳` ◍)
definitely following (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ! ehehe//

Anonymous said...

congratulations again!
u & martin look so sweet together!

how come u have so many cameras for ur friends to give away?

pxdkitty said...

thank you dear!!! <3 :D

thank you too darling!! :) hehe cause I love my friends and I'd rather give them the camera to give away than sell it away for myself ^~^

Anonymous said...

oh ya by the way, what contact lens were you wearing in this post? so pretty like you<3

Povy Teng said...

congratulation rachell, you deserved it!!
Fully support from Malaysia! x

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congratulations my dear !! <3 happy for you !
you have so many cameras omg . ): i always try for every single giveaway . but i guess ladyluck just isnt on my side. ):

Wanlin said...

Congratulations in winning Rachell!! You did a great job and put in a lot of effort in all the posts and challenges :) You deserve it pretty! ^-^

Olga Podobed said...

hi Rachel!
Sorry for me being stupid but I really can't get what was the first 3 challenges? I follow you and QQ and heard about final but now I'm confused :)
was it about that video where you girls were shopping clothes for bikers girl style?

Anonymous said...

Hi, who won ur giveaway for the canon camera? Seemed like no result published here

Anonymous said...

Whr did peishi get her leggings from?

Susan Lolo Bua said...

waa..congratulation Rachel, you deserve for it, your face it totally cute when you smile...
Many blessing to you..

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS SO MUCH FOR WINNING RACHELL!!! you totally deserve it man! you rawks!!! loves! i also wanna be your close friend, can i? haha.

pxdkitty said...

Thank you dear <3 <3 :D I was wearing Moe Moe Brown by ifairy :)

@povy teng Thank you sweetheart <3 :D

Thank you sweetheart!!! keep joining! Confirm will win something one :D

@wanlin Thank you sweetheart!

@olga yup dear! :) all the challenges are posted here:

The casio camera giveaway winner was announced here:

Peishi said she got it online 4 years ago... :X

@susan Thank you so much dear, you're always such a sweetheart!!! <3

Thank you so much dear! haha <3 ^~^