Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dress Down Friday by Jipaban

Hi loves, I'm sure you guys have heard of Jipaban by now ;)

Jipaban has always been known for being efficient, trustworthy and also providing a
wide range of gorgeous clothes, books, games, interesting gifts and what not for both Women and Men! :)

Recently, has launched its brand new line called Dress Down Friday.

Fridays mark the start of our inner goddess coming out to play!
We want to dress right, dress to impress and dress for comfort, especially on Fridays.
With Dress Down Friday (DDF), you can find a huge variety of statement pieces to work-friendly pieces, all ready for you to pick from :)

So check out some of the gorgeous pieces I got from the new collection at DDF!

First of all, I am IN LOVE with the cutting of these Ion Luxe Skirt (in Black / Gold)!

They flare at all the right angles and make my legs LOOK so skinny!!!!
OMG I love clothes with flattering cuttings!

Also, the striking colors of the Mode Matrix Top makes it perfect for days when I feel like dressing really adventurously and turn heads every where I go hehe! :p

A definite must-have for every fashionista out there!
Not to mention the material is really light and comfy too :)

Want something less colourful but still fashionable?
Check out this Black Metal Collar top I got! :)

The sheer material makes it slightly sexy (while not revealing too much) while the metal neck piece adds on the edginess to the top!

Also, when you purchase their items, you will receive a nice surprise of some of these cute lolly treats as well!!
The lollipop keychain is my favorite!

So look no further!
Remember to bookmark Dress Down Friday by Jipaban, your one-stop fashion shop,
to find everything you'll ever need! :)

Happy shopping!

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