Friday, April 13, 2012

Love all over again

Went to meet my baby Priyanka at Plaza Sing for a short while a few days back!
It was literally a short while, like an hour, BUT SO WORTH IT ♥
Missed her like crap and haven't seen her in the longest time!!! :D

I was wearing the Denim Sequin Vest from DirtyBling:)
Super pretty and I paired it with a pair of fitting denim high waisted shorts!
I think denim-on-denim looks real pretty, as long as they're of different shades.
Otherwise, you'd be better off in a pair of denim romper or something :)

And then I rushed over to Nuffnang's office and met Joshua Ang and Nicshields!

Did I mention that I saw Nic with his girlfriend Asirah at Plaza Sing too??!!
LOL, super epic day, I bumped into them later on at scape/Cineleisure as well HAHAH
I am such a stalker lightbulb......
okay no, honestly we didn't plan anything at all, Singapore is just really really REALLY small~

And then bruh called and told me to meet him and Cel for dinner cause he wants to eat stingray hahah
This is the kopitiam opposite scape/cine :)
Their stingray and sambal kang kong are damn nice!!!!
It's where naonao, peishi, noah and I first met to have dinner as well,
so it's another one of our special places ^~^

After which, I cabbed over to BUKIT BATOK (super far from my place~~~) to meet Peishi to cheer her up with cookies and some presents (yes I am the bestest friend ever, ikr!!! ^~^)
and Jayley joined us too!
Totally last minute and spontaneous, love it!!!
But sorry we were too engrossed in talking we didn't take any pictures lol :x

Super productive day where I met a kabillion people that I love~
How I wish everyday could be like that! :')

And here's a real chio top I'd like to share :)
If you haven't realised, I'm in love with all these sleeveless button tops recently!
I think it makes you look sweet but not trashy or cheap :D
Pretty enough to impress, and comfortable enough to be worn for an entire day!

Aztec Swing Blouse (Ebony) from Jipaban

Extra love for the bold Aztec prints on the linings!

Random shot of my hair!
Might be changing the colour of it soon, excited!!! :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

Is that Noah girlfriend ?

Anonymous said...

is that noah's gf?

Susan Lolo Bua said...

waa... so pretty! i love your hair! so silky..

Anonymous said...

I thought you're from NUS? Exams coming, no? You don't seem to be studying lol

kitty said...

nope! not his girlfriend~

haha it's really dry irl, just that in pictures it looks better :p

i was from NUS! not anymore cause i left school after year 2 :X oops