Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nat Ho's 'Unleashed' Press Conference

I was so honoured to be able to attend Nat Ho's Launch of Debut EP 'Unleashed' Press Conference the other day! :)
A lot of famous figures (you'll see later!), media, and of course the main lead of the day Nat Ho, were there!

Nat Ho is a familiar face (and a very handsome one too) to all of us, and after making his mark as a model as well as actor in Mediacorp, he is finally pursuing his first love, music :D

He will be releasing his debut EP Unleashed in digital and CD format in the month of April, so do remember to support our local talent! :D

Produced by George Leong and Nat Ho, the EP’s first single of the same name, written by Nat himself, will be available digitally on starting from 10th April 2012.

And guess where the press conference was held at?
Golden Village's Gold Class!
I can't tell you how excited I was when we got to enter this place!!!!
It has this super atas and exclusive vibe to it and it was my first time there XD

Feels damn expensive and classy right!

Imagine catching a movie here, with an adjustable and super comfortable sofa chair, blanket, and a table to place all your drinks and popcorns.

And the press conference began! :)
Rozz was there to emcee the event but she stood too far away from me for me to take a clear shot :(

But anyway, apart from Nat Ho, did you see anyone else familiar here? ^~^

Xiaxue! :D
She was a part of the music video as well, as a head nurse! DAMN COOL.

I think it's actually one of the first LOCAL music video (I've watched) that was done in this fashion, super futuristic and out of this world. Local pride, wooo!
psst, can fight with those KPOP music videos ;)

And you can tell that Nat is really proud that this video is 100% homegrown, from the production people to the post-production team, right down to details such as the outfits in the video that were specially created.

And the most mind-blowing thing was.....
The video production cost an estimated SGD$100,000.00.

But despite how challenging the journey must have been for Nat
(it's really not easy to make a music video of such huge proportions),
he was determined and conquered all of that :)
And props to him for chasing his own dreams, I hope his music career HUAT AH!

And Nat Ho's a really sweet person!
During the press conference, he even prepared A LIST of people who've been a part of this production to thank,
and I think that's really commendable of him :)

And we got the privilege to watch the music video first heheh! ^~^
Dweam took some shots of the music video on her instagram so the picture credit goes to her :)

Btw, Nat Ho looks really good in his music video,
it's a totally different style from the boy-next-door image of Nat Ho we're familiar with,
so you girls better go watch it when it's available! :p

For CD Purchase (Available from week 16th April and distribution channels):
Distribution will be at all major record stores.

For Digital Purchase (Available from 10 April):
Please visit
and follow Nat Ho’s Twitter (@iamnatho) for more real time updates!

One last picture of his hotness XD

After the press conference, Peishi and I went shopping at Vivocity and saw Xiaxue, Qiuqiu and Sophie at F21 and TOPSHOP heheh!
Best 2 places to shop in Vivo :)

And I finally finally FINALLY got to take a picture with Xiaxue and Qiuqiu!
Actually I wish I had taken a picture with all 3 of them together (including Sophie! Yes I am greedy heheh), but they were shopping so we felt kind of bad to interupt also :X

Plus one of the F21 staff didn't let me take a picture with Xiaxue cause he said no photography allowed
and Peishi laughed at me and say I no fate to take pic with her T~T

One of the happiest days of my life~~~

Hope you guys are happy for me too heheh love you all!
Thanks for reading! :)


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Hii,, you both in this picture so beautiful!.

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<3 <3 :D thank you sweetheart!!!