Saturday, April 28, 2012

Next Social Travel Star (Finale)

Sorry loves, real quick post cause I'm kinda sleepy :p

Remember previously when I joined the AsiaRooms search for the Next social travel star with Pearlyn?
We went for the finals the other day...... but we didn't win :p
Heheh actually we weren't expecting to win because the competition was REALLY tough!

But I'm so glad to have joined it cause it was fun, not that stressful afterall, and we met some really awesome hosts (like the winners Adam & Kelly!)

Best part of all, we got to go into this really cool dressing room with those awesome mirrors with tons of spot light around it omg!!!
hahaha sua ku max :p

and there was a professional make up artist to help us touch up on our make up too! ^~^

By the way, we're all in purple and pink because it's AsiaRooms' colour! :)

Camwhoring while waiting for our turn to present in front of the judges~~

We could only take a seat and see the later groups present after we're done with our turn and the other groups were really good & really entertaining too! :)

And after everyone was done presenting, we had about 20 minutes of refreshments before they announced the winners, Adam (who left for an exam) & Kelly! :D

Although we didn't win, I'm really glad per got me to join this competition with her
because it was like a wake up call to me to show me how good and professional others are and how much more I have to improve!!! :)
Hopefully I can do better in future!!!
Jiayou jiayou!!! :D

Also, voting comprised about 30% for the entire competition and despite us not winning, thank you all so much for voting!! :D
We heard that our voting was not bad ;) heheh!!

Since I'm all pink-overload in this entry,
check out this comfy pink sleeveless shirt from as well :D

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