Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This post will give you girls a peek of my NEW hair by Essensuals Bugis!
(I absolutely LOVE them to bits!!!)
Brace yourself for my hardcore camwhoring in the next few posts!

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and get DISCOUNTED PRICES at Essensuals Bugis!

I will be doing a full post soon about my new hair :D

For girls who are extremely particular about the quality of the clothes they wear,
you're in luck!

Cause this Waldorf Pleated Blouse has one of the BEST and most amazing material a formal / button shirt can ever be made of!

Not to mention the gorgeous pleat details to make it LOOKS classier & more expensive ;)
Remember, it's not about how expensive your clothes are, it's how expensive it looks,
and of course how expensive you make it look!

It comes in Black as well but I personally prefer white button shirts! :)
Check out the black one on Jipaban's website here!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

what is your base colour (the top part of your hair) babe? :)

Thanks, xx!

Emy said...

Oh my god you are perfection.


Cheryl said...

this is not hardcore enough. MOARRR! I wanna see pictures of your hair! Fricken coooool!

kitty said...

hm i'm not too sure myself cause my hair stylist, Wayne, at Essensuals Bugis chose it for me, but i would think it's ash brown or something! :)

<3 thank you love! double eyelid surgery, make up and photoshop helps a whole lot ^~^

hahah soon dear! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi pxdkitty! I start reading your blog only last year! While my friend introduce you to me! Than i was thought eee dont wna la all blogger like very hao lian one! But slowly i follow you on twitter and instangram and read your blog daily. THEN i realize that i really like you!!! YOURE the best blogger i ever saw! Cause youre too friendly! AND youre not selfish! Not like some of them you share eveything with you reader! Such a nice girl!!! Look forward to your new blog post!!! :)

Love j.

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay, thanks! :) But in order to get your hair colour/ash brown/similar colour, bleaching is required (like a must) if don't have blonde hair?