Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Billy Bombers

My boyfriend kind of got addicted to BB's waffle ice cream so we went there to for dinner again the other day heheh b;
We went to the one at The Cathay cause we wanted to catch a movie afterwards!

Billy Bombers (The Cathay)
2 Handy Road, #01-11/12 The Cathay
Tel: +65 6735 5381
Opening Hours
Daily: 11am–10pm

Cui face day + huge shades = problem solved!
I love how my hair looked though!!

Root beer float is a must at Billy Bombers :)

And if i didn't remember wrongly, we ordered the ribeye steak!
Perfectly rare, damn shiok and chewy!

And you see the creamed spinach back there?
Best greens I've eaten in my entire life!
I usually HATE vegetables to the core. Like hate with a passion..
But this creamed spinach was damn super good!
Going to look for a good recipe for it and share with you guys if it's as awesome ;)

But of course nothing beats meat..... b; omg hungry!

And the waffle with ice cream my boyfriend came for!!! ^~^
Warm fluffy chewy waffles with vanilla ice cream, perfect combination! I love it!

Random blur camwhore shot to end off!

By the way, remember to join the latest giveaway cause it's ending tomorrow :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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