Monday, May 28, 2012

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation: Our Posters!

Planned to go to Cineleisure with Peishi ALONE to check out our posters inside the lifts the other day just for awhile.....

Who would have thought we would meet so many other people in the end! LOL
We were totally underdressed and didn't have nice make up on :(
Regret max cause a lot of our pictures turned out...... meh D;

Anyway here's our poster in the lifts!!! :)

Picture credit to Peishi!

We were so fkg crazy we took the lift up and down just trying to take pictures of the poster when there was no one in the lift, LOL!
And we were holding the lift door for people entering and exiting the lift cause we wanted to wait for all of them to get out of the lift HAHAHA :X
But....... the lift was stuffy after awhile and we had to escape x.x

And then Noah tweeted that he was heading towards town, and I whatsapped him.
Here's roughly how our conversation went:

Me: Eh bruh where are you
Noah: Going town
Me: I'm at Cine with Peishi to check out our posters
Noah: I on my way
Me: Who you meeting
Noah: You all lah
Me: Really meh?!

LOL I asked Peishi and both of us didn't confirm anything with him and suddenly we were suppose to meet Noah :X

And then while walking around Naomi called Peishi and asked if we wanted to have dinner together and then we were like yay then the bunnies can finally meet!!

But who knew that Noah came along with his friends too!

HAHAH then Peishi and I were like T~T
Cause we looked super meh that day cause all we wanted was to look at our posters and go home LOL omg

Here's a horrible picture of the bunnies and I couldn't save it with photoshop so I blurred out the entire picture hahah
But still love :D

And then we went to have dinner at the Kopitiam opposite Cine where they serve that super yummy stingray!

Noah, Janson and Benjamin

Peishi and Naonao!
I love pretty sparkly-eyed people *.*
Both of them have!!!



And onion omelette........
I hate to eat anything related to onions!
It's as gross as garlic, hei bi (dried shrimp) and ikan bilis :X

And then we went to Scape to kpo cause there were people dancing there hahah

The tallest boy in blue checkered shirt is Ridhwan!

Ridhwan is the luckiest boy of the day cause he got to take a chio picture with naonao!!! :P

Peishi and Janson!
And Janson is a gentleman cause HE SENT PEISHI HOME!
It was our first time meeting him!
IKR, wtf so nice please!
Cause Peishi stays really far and she's a little girl and I always get worried when she goes home alone especially when it's late :(
So I was like popping champagnes in my head when Janson sent Peishi home!
Ahem hinthint bruh, please learn from Janson lol!!!

All these thumbs up pictures crack me up so bad!
We were actually imitating Steven Lim's pose,
plus his head kept nodding when he was taking pictures with his fans(?) in a particular video he posted up hahahah
cannot maintain LOL

Janson Lim korkor *barf*

Some of the cute girls at Scape dancing to the KPOP songs they were playing! :)

Noah bring the girls out~

I think this is my first ever picture with bruh alone hahah
so much for being bruhs!!!

HAHAHAHAHHAHA okay I shall not be gross LOL
Only one of us in the picture is his angel lah guess which one :X HEHEHEH JK

My peipei and naonao are to tiny omgwtf T~T
And it didn't help that I was the only one in wedges LOL
fml why I so big!!!!

Stupid Janson said he'd take a picture for us and then when he counted till 3, he turned the camera towards himself and camwhored

Benjamin and I!
He has the same topman teeshirt than Martin has!!! :D

Dance dance dance dance dance, fantastic baby!~

I felt so guilty and nua sitting on the floor while all these other girls and boys were so actively dancing, hahah

And as promised, here's a quick collage and shout out to all of you who came down during the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation (Finale) to support us!
I've linked up your Twitter/Facebook/Blog to the pictures you've sent me, tagged me or @ me! :)
If your picture isn't appearing up here, please @ me again and I'll post it up cause my computer had some problems saving some of the pictures :(
Thank you!!!

Once again, thank you to everyone who clapped and cheered for us that day,
thank you to everyone who RT, shoutout, shared our videos/blogposts, you guys are friggin kickass awesome!!!
thank you to all the sweet people who took pictures with us,
thank you to people who tweeted us congratulations!!!,
thank you to Bancho The Matrep for motivating Peishi and I countless times when we were damn stressed,
thank you to Dee Kosh for offering to do a strip tease on ustream for people to vote for KOAS (hahah too bad we didn't go ahead with that in the end :p),
thank you to Cynthia, Fate and Mervin for shouting out for us even when we wanted to give up on voting :'),
and thank you to everyone who helped in one way or another to make this all happen!!!!

A part of me still thinks this is all a dream, and if that's true I wish I wouldn't wake up XD

If you'd like, do check out Kitty On A Spaceship's posters inside Cineleisure's lifts along with the 1st and 2nd runner up's! :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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