Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm in LOVE with DAISO, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!!!

Everytime I step into DAISO I feel like I HAVE TO buy something else I'm missing out on all the cheap and good deals, LOL!

So these are what I bought the other day...

I'll blog in detail some of the more share-worthy items in this post and some of the next few posts :)

Basically I bought:
2 different designs of fabric
3 little mop looking thing (2 pink, 1 green)
1 brown apron
1 black stuff organizer(?)
1 set of gift wrappers

And today, I want to talk about the mop looking things!!!
The pink ones are for me and the green one is meant for Martin :p

But anyway, these are actually some kind of micro-fibre dusters!
I went back to DAISO recently and a lot of them are sold out wtf!!!
I saw them being sold outside at $4 and $8 before, same size or smaller than the one I bought!

Basically you just wipe it around your tables, cupboards, wherever and it absorbs the dust!
Works like Magic Clean, but imo it's even better, because you don't have to throw the sheet of paper away!
If it gets too dirty, YOU WASH IT, AND RE-USE IT AGAIN!!!!
SAVE A LOT OF $$$ RIGHT?!?! Omg.

Because of these dusters, I'm finally willing to clean up my room cause it's so easy to use!
And it's friggin pink!!!!
Now I feel happy every time I get to clean my room, crazy right? I know!

The one with the PINK POLKADOT handle, I'm going to use it for my window grills and air con or whatever I can't reach, and the HOT PINK one will be for everything else!
I LOVE THE JAPANESE! Only they can make cleaning so fun, wooo!!!

Check this crazy bitch in action!
I didn't even use much strength, it's like some dust magnet! xD
And now I don't even have to use damp cloths or whatever to wipe my wires and be afraid of getting electrocuted anymore!!!!

And they even have one at DAISO that comes in a glove form, so you put on the glove and use your hands to grab whatever you'd like to be cleaned and it will take away all the dust!
And also some other cute rabbit, hedgehog and other designs which I didn't buy cause obviously I chose the biggest ones hahaha!

See, cleaning was so fun I was even in the mood to wash my make up brushes, LOL!!!
I'm usually extremely lazy to do so, and we're all the same so you don't have to pretend that you wash it all the time either xp

Didn't have brush guards, so I rolled up a towel halfway, let the brushes lie on the towel to let water drip downwards.

I think I'm REALLY getting old!
My boyfriend's been talking about marriage recently and we're kind of like decorating his house together already
and I'm so excited to be a housewife!!!! hahahah!!!

Anyway, apart from pink,
I'm strangely attracted to all things blue recently!!!

To be honest, blue has never been my colour, it's always black or pink...
but these items from Jipaban really broke me out of my comfort zone!!! XD

Some random pretty shade of blueish O.P.I I bought (will try to blog about it if you guys like it!) went perfectly with the

And check out my new blue earrings!
Super sparkly and pretty!
Plus, it's in a shape of a heart!!! :)

Alright, housewife-to-be signing off!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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