Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY: Accessories Board / Organizer

I'm hoping you girls like DIY stuff cause I personally LOVE IT and want to do more DIY projects!
So if you guys hate it...... ummm........ sucks for me hahaha!

But anyway, I think DIY is awesome cause you get to save money,
feel a sense of accomplishment when you make something totally unique by yourself,
you get more out of what you already have,
and it's way more fun than just whipping out your credit cards to buy the same thing!

For today, I'm going to be doing an accessories board/organizer cause I have quite a number of long necklaces that ALWAYS get tangled up with each other and it's super frustrating, especially when I'm in a hurry!

My inspiration was from going to flea markets where people hang their accessories they'd like to sell on a cork board, and also from youtube where I saw some girls decorating their cork board so it's not so boringly brown :p

I got this cork board cause my elder sis dumped it to me.
Yes, dumped~
My mum used to joke that I'm a karang guni (rag and bone man) cause I always take all my sis' unwanted stuff hahah
But anyway, she got it from IKEA impulsively and ended up not knowing what to do with it and she didn't want to throw it away so....
guess who got a free cork board!!! :D

You can always get these boards outside, they're quite cheap,
and I saw DAISO selling some smaller sized ones ($2 obviously hehe) so if you'd like to get one you might want to check them out :)

As you can see, my cork board has some weird marks on it cause I dirtied it hahah so I'm going to cover it up with nice fabric LOL!

Wrapping paper from DAISO
Black Lace fabric from DAISO

I'm using a designed wrapping paper cause I couldn't find any plain white mahjong paper and I was too lazy to get it from elsewhere, so I bought the patterned one and flipped it backwards instead :)

First of all, measure out the base (white paper), or any other color combination you'd like, and then cut it to fit your board.

Leave the base aside and measure the fabric this time around.
Actually the board would have looked good even with just the lace cloth on it, but I like the black and white combination so it's really up to you :)

You can even use just a plain colored cloth, some polkadot cloth, floral cloth etc for this!

I'm using pushpins to hold the fabric in place white I was cutting it.
Again, the pushpins were from my sister hahahaha she got it from NUS and didn't want it so she gave it to me :X
Karang guni indeed, LOL!

Once you have both the correct side of paper/fabrics, line the laced one over the white one and pin it down on the cork board.
Use pushpins to mark out how far you'd like your necklaces to hang from each other.
I didn't measure it exactly for mine, it was like a rough gauge :)

Mine isn't cut perfectly but whatever hahah that's the beauty of DIY (excuses.....hahaha)! :p

Tadah! The end product!
Now to get all excited to hang out all your necklaces onto your new accessories board / organizer!

You can actually bling up the border of the board,
paint it, paste studs on it, paste bows or ribbons or whatever you want onto it!
I'm just demonstrating a real easy and quick example but if you'd like something more edgy or complicated, why not experiment with it!! :)

Hope this post was helpful!
And please do let me know if you like this tutorial or you're going to try this out!! :)
I'd love you see your own pimped up accessories organizers!

And check out the Kenzy Turtleneck from Jipaban!
I love the whole zigzag design, super unique from all the usual prints we always see ;)
Plus black and white color combi... love it! :D

thanks for reading!
Love you all! :D

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