Saturday, May 5, 2012

DIY: Tumblr Inspired Shorts

As promised, here is the surprise tutorial I mentioned before on Twitter that most girls will like,
and it will cost you about $xxx if you were to buy it outside!

Many of you may know that I am obsessed with shorts and I am ALWAYS buying new ones (and I have an entire shelf of my cupboard dedicated to my shorts)
but somehow I can't seem to get enough of it!

But for these tumblr-inspired ombre, dip dye etc shorts, it always costs A WHOLE LOT MORE than your usual shorts and that habit was kind of burning a hole in my pocket.
So now, here's a DIY tutorial for you guys and also for myself, to help us save on those $$$$$$!!! :)

Plus, it's extremely fun to do with your friends!!!

I've asked on Twitter and there was like a 50-50 vote for video tutorial and blog post tutorial so now.... I'm going to do both!!!!
Hardcore or not!!! :p

For best results, watch BOTH the video and read the blog post because I may miss out here and there!

Before you bleach/dye the shorts, you may choose to rip it for the nice destroyed denim effect!

You must first cut off the hem of the shorts and you will see these loose threads coming out.

Start tugging on them and the more you tug, the more loose threads will come out, keep tugging!
This will be your desired effect :)

Once you're satisfied with the length of the shorts and how the fray or other "damage"/slits you've made on the shorts looks, you're ready to move on! :)

There will be a few types of shorts I will be making, so hold on tight!
1. Full Bleach
2. Half Bleach
3. Design Bleaching
4. Dip Dye Shorts
5. Full Dye Shorts
6. Ombre Shorts

1. Full Bleach Shorts

What kind of bleach can you use?
ANY BRAND of bleach for clothes. NO bleach for hair/eyebrows whatever okay!

For some reason, some denim shorts come in really hideous shades of blue and you'd prefer for it to be lighter.
So to do this, grab your shorts and dunk it into bleach!

Remember to wear gloves because if the bleach touches your hand it might start to sting.

Leave the bleach to work on the denim until the colour you want is achieved (light blue or white) and then wash off the bleach thoroughly.

2. Half Bleach Shorts

If you want to achieve shorts that look like this, dunk HALF the shorts
(like dipping half a slice of garlic bread into mushroom soup and gripping onto the other end!!!)
into bleach and leave it there until the effect is achieved.

Wash the shorts thoroughly.

3. Design Bleaching

If you want to do X-Ray shorts or galaxy / cosmic shorts with bleach, read the following carefully!

Have a picture of the design you want beside you. Admit it, we're really not that good at freehand drawing or letting our ideas flow naturally as we think we are.

Using a pencil, sketch out the rough outline of the design
(you can skip this step if you're going random cosmic splashes etc)

Pour some bleach in a cup and get a few unwanted thin brushes (because the bleach will destroy the brush).
Start by "painting" the outlines with bleach first. This will make filling in the bleach easier later on.

You might need to "colour" the same areas a few times and leave the bleach to work for a few hours.

Wash the bleach away thoroughly.

4. Dip Dye Shorts

Where can you buy fabric dye?
SPOTLIGHT. They have this large sign at the crafts area that says "Fabric Dye".

As with all fabric dyes, please FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS behind the packaging to get the best colours for your shorts!

And just like how you did the half bleach shorts, dip the shorts into the fabric dye and leave it there for as long as you can wait (trust me, I got crazily excited and couldn't wait past 30 minutes hahaha) and then rinse it!

5. Full Dye Shorts

The name says it all!
Soak the shorts in as much fabric dye as you want to!!! LOL

Again, leave it there for as long as you can wait before you rinse it :)

6. Ombre Shorts

Looks complicated but isn't really complicated at all!
Just dip the first half into one colour of fabric dye
and then the other half into another colour of fabric dye!

Think of it as x2 of the dip dye shorts but just 2 different directions.

If you're patient enough, dip one side, wash it, dry it, and then dip the other side.

But if you're impatient like me, dip one side and move on to the next.
And screw it if the colour of the fabric dye fuses together because it will look good anyway HAHAHA!!

And I can bet some people didn't read this above so I shall paste it here again.

What kind of bleach can you use?
ANY BRAND of bleach for clothes. NO bleach for hair/eyebrows whatever okay!

Where can you buy fabric dye?
SPOTLIGHT. They have this large sign at the crafts area that says "Fabric Dye".

WHEWWWWW~~~ tiring!
Okay I guess this blog post is extremely naggy and long
cause it's like 6 tutorials all at once wtf O.O


Winners announced at:


Giveaway time! :)

What am I giving away?
Some of the shorts I made for this tutorial of course! :D
I actually did the tutorial knowing I want to make something for you guys to show my sincerity
instead of buying something to giveaway~~
Hopefully you guys will like it!

CHOOSE the pair(s) of shorts that you wish to win.
You can choose more than one to increase your chances!
SHARE the photo(s) of the shorts you hope to win on your wall.

COMMENT on the photo(s) of the shorts you wish to win that you have shared it!

Wait for the winners to be announced!
Giveaway ends on the 10th of May 2012, 11:59pm.
There will be 4 different WINNERS!
Winners will be contacted via Facebook.

Good luck & I hope this tutorial helped!!!! :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell! :)Where do you get denim shorts?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Maybe i know where do you buy your shorts at? and how much?

pxdkitty said...

my old jeans / shorts dear! :)
most of the high waist i bought them from blogshops at about $20+!
so it's still cheaper to diy than buy the shorts at $xxx! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell!

You can actually buy the dyes from Homefix (DIY shop) as well and it only cost like around $6.90 if I didn't remember wrongly! Much cheaper than spotlight coz spotlight kind of sell stuffs a little over-priced sometimes.

Takecare, xx!

pxdkitty said...

Thank you so much for the tip love!!! <3 <3 yay!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the awesome tutorial! :) how do you find so many threads to tug at?! I'm trying really hard after I cut my shorts, and there are a few loose threads that eventually come out. It's so annoying! I can't do it as well as you!!!:(

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing rachell, now i can have nice diy shorts without spending so much money to get one.! :)<3

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell! I was the one who had problems with tugging the loose threads just now! I then tried a pick (not sure what it's called) that people who sew usually use. It works wonders! It pulls out all the loose threads with less effort :) just thought I could spread this method in case your other readers don't know! Happy tugging! :) thanks for the tut once again!